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Andreas Ojala
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As most of you know, the Minecraft Caves and Cliffs update got split into two parts. This was due to the complexity of the new mountains and cave generation. But what content is going to come in Caves and Cliffs part 2?

That’s what we’re about to find out. In this blog post, you’ll not just learn of every confirmed Caves and Cliffs part 2 feature but also its release date and the unconfirmed content. So if that sounds like something you’d be interested in, then keep on reading.

When is Minecraft 1.18 coming out?

Minecraft 1.18 release date is still unknown, but Mojang has said it will be coming out at the end of 2021.  In my opinion, it’s a safe bet to be expecting this update to come out in late November or early December.

Confirmed Features of Caves and Cliffs Part 2

Due to being split into two parts, we already know a lot about what will come out with this update. Here are the eight confirmed features:


Cave Biomes

Minecraft 1.18 Lush Caves

Firstly, we’re going to finally get new cave biomes. Two biomes will come out: Lush Caves, and Dripstone Caves. Each one is quite different from one another:

  • Lush Caves are caves full of life! There you’ll find a lot of foliage like Spore Blossom, Azalea Trees, Glowberries, and Drip Leaves. You’ll also find an abundance of clay, making it a good source for brick and terracotta materials.
  • In Dripstone Caves, you’ll have to be very careful, as stalagmites and stalactites can be found there. If you fall into one of them, you’ll take damage or even die. But you can use it to your advantage! When you see zombies roaming around, you can use either your bow and arrow or trident to break the attached dripstone and make it fall onto them.


Goat Horn

Caves And Cliffs Part 2 Goat Horn
Image from: Gamertweak

Technically, it’s already in-game as Bedrock edition already has it. But unfortunately, Java players are going to have to wait until the next update comes out! 

A goat horn is acquired when a goat hits its head to a tree or a wall. You can do one thing with this horn, and that is to blow it. Once you blow it, you’ll hear a horn sound that is exactly the same as when pillagers attack a village.



Minecraft Bundle

A bundle is a valuable item for any Minecraft player. It’s made out of 6 rabbit hides and two strings. The bundle is helpful for storage management in the beginning as it can store up to 64 items.

That being said, different items take up different amounts of storage. For example, you can only put one non-stackable item like a sword and nothing else in the bag. Additionally, an ender pearl will take up 4 item slots due to having a stack size of 16.


New World Generation

Caves and Cliffs Part 2 - New World Generation

One of the things most people are excited about is the new world generation coming to the game. These changes are enormous! You’ll be exploring massive caves and huge mountains, and seeing beautiful landscapes. Just check out the screenshot above!

Additionally, to the beautiful landscapes, seeds got a massive upgrade. Once 1.18 releases, there will almost be no differences between Bedrock and Java Seeds.


New World Height

The game will also get a world height increase to include the new generation and cave biomes. In Minecraft 1.18, instead of the world height being 256 blocks, it will be 320 blocks. Also, you can now mine deeper than ever before! The lowest y-level is -64!


New Ore Generation

Caves And Cliffs Part 2 Ore Generation
Image: Minecraft

Additionally to the world generation changing, Mojang wants to change ore generation in caves and cliffs part 2. The developers wanted to make the mining more strategic. On the chart, you should see the new y-levels for them; however, this isn’t final. 

Additionally to new y-levels for ores, there will also be ore veins. These are rare places where you’ll find a lot of metal ores in one place. There are currently only copper veins and iron veins.

Unconfirmed Features of Caves and Cliffs Part 2

Now that we’ve talked about all that is confirmed for the next update, let’s talk about some unconfirmed features we might see in the update.


Azalea Log

Azalea Log

We already have Azalea trees in-game, but not azalea logs. Currently, it’s still using oak logs as its trunk and branches. However, we could still get a new log variant. Between snapshots 21w05a and 21w10a, many blocks had the tag “azalea_log_replaceable”. This could be an indication of the possible existence of Azalea logs.


New Stone Generation

Another unconfirmed Minecraft 1.18 feature that might see the day of light is the new stone generation. Instead of different stones generating as random patches, they could start spawning in layers.


Closing Spore Blossom

Caves And Cliffs Part 2 Concept Art
Concept Art From Minecraft

Another feature that might be added is that Spore Blossom can close. In the concept art for lush caves, we could see two illustrations about the spore blossom; one that is open and the other one that is closed.


Ice Cave Biome

Ice Cave Biome
An “Ice Cave Biome” found by Phoenix SC

This is a feature that most likely will not come out! Why? It’s due to not being mentioned by any developer or having a concept art about it. The only reason it could happen was due to Minecraft Bedrock 1.17 beta version having caves filled with snow and ice as a mistake. But they might even add it!

Did you forget about the excavation sites?

No, and there’s a reason for not adding it to confirmed features. Excavation sites are confirmed not to come to Minecraft 1.18. 

The reason why is due to the backlash of the community. Many people weren’t happy about this announcement. Plus they already have a lot to do with the new generation. So now, this massive feature is indefinitely delayed.

Why was Warden and Deep Dark Delayed?

As you probably know, one of the coolest reveals on Minecraft Live 2020 was Warden. People got excited to finally see it in Minecraft. However, both Warden and its home The Deep Dark were delayed for the 1.19 update.

But why?

As revealed in Minecraft Live 2021, the concept was expanded quite drastically. Don’t know what I’m talking about?

Well, let’s start with the warden. This terrifying monster was made even scarier. There are two big changes:

  • New Way Of Spawning. A warden now spawns differently from any other mob! It all depends on how quiet you are. If you do too much noise, the warden will dig out from the ground to hunt you down.
  • A Sense Of Smell. Warden just got more dangerous! Additionally, to him tracking you by listening, Warden will now also smell you out. So you’ve got to keep on moving.

And then let’s talk about the Deep Dark. The deep dark biome is now way more interesting. Instead of a cave with sculk blocks around it, you now sneak through an ancient city. You’ll find a lot of cool loot, including some unique ones that are yet to be revealed.

Where to get more information about Minecraft 1.18?

There are a couple of places to find more information.

First, you can find more information here! I’ll be updating this blog post as soon as new news is released.

Another place to find new info for Minecraft 1.18 is by following all the official Minecraft channels like their website, social media channels, and YouTube. Additionally, you can follow some developers on Twitter. Here are some to follow:

How to play Minecraft 1.18 now

How to play Minecraft 1.18 now

You’ve heard that right! You can already play Minecraft 1.18. After the last experimental snapshots, you can now test out 1.18 snapshots!

To play them, you’ll just have to create a new installation and make sure you have snapshots ticked on the installations page. For more information about installing snapshots, check out our article here.


And that’s all we currently know about the Minecraft 1.18 release date and the content it’s going to include. Be sure to frequently come back to this blog post, as I’ll be updating it continually. 

So what are you most excited about in 1.18? Comment down below! My answer is a bit boring, but I’m most looking forward to the new world generation. It just looks that beautiful!

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