Modern Warfare 2’s Multiplayer Content Will be Carried Forward to Modern Warfare 3

Modern Warfare 3 Will Retain Modern Warfare 2's Multiplayer Content

Abdullah Waseem
Abdullah Waseem
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  • MW2 items will carry forward to MW3
  • Weapon levels will be retained too
  • Worldwide reveal on Aug 17th

For those of you who love to retain your stuff from older games, Modern Warfare 2’s multiplayer content will be carried forward to Modern Warfare 3. While this in some way is good news, most fans are angry because it makes MW3 feel just like an expansion for the MW2 multiplayer.

All Weapons, Bundles, and Operators from MW2 Will be Retained in Modern Warfare 3

All multiplayer content will be carried forward to MW3, so all your weapons, operators, and bundles from MW2 will be present in the upcoming title. In addition, all the weapons will also retain their levels including all the cameos and attachments. Plus, double XP tokens from MW2 will be available in MW3.

Naturally, you would expect a brand new title to come with its own new set of content. While stuff carrying over will help players retain their items, it would also mean that it’ll feel more like the MW2. That is why the majority of the fans are furious at this decision.

According to older reports, Call of Duty 2023 (Now MW3) wasn’t supposed to be a proper game anyway. It was supposed to be a kind of expansion for MW2, but later the scope was increased and hence MW3 reboot was born. As for the campaign side, things are looking a lot brighter with the return of Makarov. But let’s not jump to conclusions and wait for the worldwide reveal on August 17.

What are your thoughts on MW2 content carrying forward to Modern Warfare 3? Let us know in the comments down below.

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