Monster Hunter Rise DLC In The Making, Reports Leaker

Hatem Amer
Hatem Amer
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Monster Hunter Rise has been out for a few weeks now. Not surprisingly, the game was incredibly well received. So much so that some companies in Japan gave their employees a “Monster Hunter holiday”. But already, it seems we may be getting news of the next thing Monster Hunter. Rumors and leaks are floating that the next Monster Hunter Rise DLC is in the works.

A trusted leaker just announced that a new DLC is coming to the game. The full DLC coming, according to the leaker, will feature a lot of content that will be coming as early as Q1 2022.

Monster Hunter Rise DLC Codename G Coming Q1 2022

According to trusted leaker AsteriskAmpersand – who correctly leaked a lot of Monster Hunter news in the past – the new Monster Hunter Rise DLC (Monster Hunter Rise G) will be coming as early Q1 2022.

The new Monster Hunter Rise DLC, which started development in 2019 according to the leaker, will feature a ton of new content. It will reportedly feature 20 to 30 extra monsters and 5 additional stages.

Additionally, the DLC is supposed to feature the slightly more ambiguous “Western Yokai Motifs” and “a new element to further dig into Silkbinds and Switch Skills.” All this and more was supposedly part of the leaked ransomware attacks.

It is to be noted that this DLC will be analogous to Icebournce for MH World and not a full re-release. It is just a big DLC to refresh the game’s lifecycle roughly a year after release. Of course, like Icebourne, the game could be coming in a bundle with the new DLC as well as standalone for existing owners. Q1 2022 would also be around the same time Monster Hunter Rise is planned to be released for PC. So, it will be exciting to follow how that unfolds.

If someone would know info about the upcoming Monster Hunter Rise DLC it would be AsteriskAmpersand. However, so far this is all rumors and Capcom has not commented on any of it. So, take everything with a grain of salt but always keep an eye out for further developments.

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