MultiVersus Season 1.05 Patch Notes Bring Black Adam, Arcade Mode, and More

Abdullah Waseem
Abdullah Waseem
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WB Interactive Entertainment has revealed new patch notes for MultiVersus Season 1.05, bringing in a bunch of new content. For starters, we are finally getting Black Adam, a new arcade alpha mode that has also been added along with new maps and cosmetics. Here is everything new in coming with the latest patch.

Multiversus Season 1.05 Patch Notes

Black Adam

Black Adam coming to Multiversus was long overdue and he if officially here. Finally, he’ll be making his way into the roaster with the latest patch.

Black Adam in Multiversus
Black Adam in Multiversus

With the hype of the Black Adam movie still strong, it’s a perfect time for him to create a new hierarchy of power in MultiVersus too. There will also be a classic comic cosmetic style for the character that can be unlocked by 800 Gleamium. This skin grants additional candy during the Halloween event.

Arcade Alpha Mode

A new arcade alpha mode will be coming to the game with the latest patch. The mode lets you play with a friend and fight against various variants of iconic characters. You will be rewarded with stars on completing a run. The easy difficulty will give you a bronze star, the medium gives you silver, and the hard grants gold.

1v1 and 2v2 each have their own star set. Medium and Hard difficulties will feature 3 boss fights, one of which will be with a Nemesis Rival of your character. The developers have also stated that they will add more content to the mode later down the line.

Silly Queue

Silly Queue is for those who’ve wanted to play the game just for fun. It takes the competitive factor out and throws players into a fun new mode. It will comprise all the casual game modes in the future, starting from 3 different modifiers on 2v2.

Some new features will include characters growing in size when they deal damage called ‘Growth Spurt’. This will let you have battles with different characters in humongous sizes by dealing damage. New modifiers will also be added in the future too.

Extended Battle Pass Tiers

Originally. the battle pass had a total of 50 tiers. They have now been extended to 53 and you can earn some new rewards. For those who don’t have a premium pass, there will be unique rewards too. The premium battle pass can be bought for 950 Gleamium.

New Maps

Multiversus new patch will bring 2 new maps to the game:

Scooby Mansion

Yes, the Scooby mansion was already present in the game. While it is mostly the same, the difference is that the new one removes the roof from the mansion.

Space Jam

The Space Jam map is currently in the experimental stages. It can be used to play in labs and customs. The developers will see the feedback and then decide to add it to the main game. But, for those who are a fan of the Space Jam movies, this is a great addition.

Lastly, a new music track is being added to the Sky Arena. It will randomly start playing when you are on the map.


Ultra-Warrior Shaggy

Shaggy from Multiversus
Ultra-warrior Shaggy can be unlocked by 800 Gleamium

Bugs Bunny Tune Squad

Bugs Bunny from Multiversus
Comes in 2 different colors. Unlockable with 800 Gleamium

Taz Tune Squad

Taz from Multiversus
Taz Tune Squad can be unlocked by 800 Gleamium

BMO Announcer Pack

BMO from multiversus
The BMO announcer pack can be unlocked with 600 Gleamium

Black Adam Legendary Profile Icon

Black Adam from Multiversus
Can be unlocked for 35,000 Gold

Other new updates from the Multiversus Season 1.05 patch will include nerfing and buffing of various characters as well as bug fixes. That’s all from the new patch. Stay tuned for more information.

What do you think about Multiversus patch notes 1.05? Let us know in the comments down below.

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