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Leon Kennedy
Leon Kennedy
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Netflix, the online series/movie watching platform used by millions of people worldwide, will finally step into the gaming world with Netflix Games. As the first step to this, Stranger Things games were served only to users in Poland and the tests were completed quite successfully.

We’ve known for a long time that Netflix wants to step into the cloud-based gaming market. This development came to the fore in July last year. They tested Stranger Things games with the Android app in August 2021 and bought the independent game studio Night School Studio in September.

How to access to the Netflix Games?

Starting today (November 2, 2021), users around the world can access Netflix Games. For now, the list is not that long, but for those who want to take a look, let’s list it immediately:

  • Stranger Things: 1984 (BonusXP)
  • Stranger Things 3: The Game (BonusXP)
  • Shooting Hoops (Frosty Pop)
  • Card Blast (Amuzo & Rogue Games)
  • Teeter Up (Frosty Pop)

Remember, these games are available for mobile Android users. Users logging into their Netflix accounts with their Android devices will encounter a separate tab where they can download games.

If your Android device is not a phone but a tablet, there is no problem. When you enter the Netflix application, you can access the games from a separate tab.

A standard Netflix subscription is enough to access all the games on Netflix Games. For now, the platform does not expect any extra fees. Unlike other mobile games, there are no ads, hidden fees or in-app purchases in the games here. And you will be able to play all games on the platform offline.

While Netflix’s official statement on the subject ends with the following sentences, it actually summarizes the brand’s approach to the subject very well:

Just like our series, films and specials, we want to design games for any level of play and every kind of player, whether you’re a beginner or a lifelong gamer.

And we’re just getting started. We’re excited to continue improving our mobile gaming experience and adding to our entertainment offering in the months ahead.

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