New Camo Xbox Wireless Controller Has Been Spotted On the Internet

Samam Hasan
Samam Hasan
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Xbox Series X

It seems that a new camo Xbox wireless controller has recently been spotted on the internet. The new camo is titled ‘Mineral Camo’ and has a blue finish to it. This was spotted in the Canadian online store Microplay.

The mention of a new Xbox Camo controller was first mentioned by the well-known leaker, Aggiornamenti Lumia. Moreover, they previously mentioned that a new Xbox Camo controller would be announced soon.

And now we finally have a look at the new ‘Mineral Camo’ Xbox Wireless Controller.

New Microsoft Camo Controller

Xbox Wireless Controller ‘Mineral Camo’ Details

In the Microplay store, it is mentioned that this Camo features a ‘bold mineral blue, bright purple, aqua, and dark purple camouflage pattern’. And, by the looks of it, it does have a striking look. In addition to that, the Mineral Camo controller is scheduled for shipping on September 27. The price is set at $79.99 and people who want to buy it can pre-order now.

Currently there are already two existing Camo designs for Xbox controllers. They are the Daystrike Camo and the Arctic Camo. In addition to that, we probably will hear an announcement from Xbox soon. Moreover, fan reception to the Xbox Camo controllers have been great. So, it’s no wonder Xbox is intending on releasing more of these Camo controllers to make the fans happy.

In more Xbox news, HowLongToBeat has partnered with Xbox and has added its game time tracking feature in the Xbox PC App. This would help the players in keeping up with the estimated time to complete various games. Moreover, various performance updates for the Xbox PC app have also been released.  In addition to that, Microsoft has claimed that Sony is keeping various games off Game Pass as it considers the service threatening to its profits.

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