New Details on Alan Wake 2 Revealed

Alan Wake 2 BTS Video Reveals New Details and Showcases Saga, a New Playable Character

Abdullah Waseem
Abdullah Waseem
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Alan Wake 2
  • Alan Wake 2 BTS video released
  • Showcases Saga Anderson
  • Promises a more immersive experience

Alan Wake 2 appeared at the recent PlayStation showcase, revealing stunning visuals and gameplay. Remedy Entertainment is finally releasing the sequel to its psychological horror game after 13 years. The initial impressions of the title seem promising, and more details have been revealed.

Alan Wake 2 New Details Revealed in BTS Video

The new video published on Remedy’s official YouTube channel introduces a new character Saga Anderson. This time the title will feature two playable characters, Alan Wake himself and Saga. Saga is relatively new to the Bright Falls area and an FBI agent. She is a competent detective who is known for her empathy. You can learn more about her in the video below:

Additionally, each character has their own style and mood. There will be 2 different campaigns for 2 characters with 2 worlds to explore. In the first Alan Wake, you were quite restricted in terms of exploration. However, in the sequel you will able to roam around and explore areas and locations.

The game has been made as photorealistic as possible by scanning objects in real life. For example, trees from Pacific Northwest have been added to the game by scanning them in real life. This doesn’t only make the environment photorealistic but also gives a sense of immersion that you don’t normally get.

The gameplay and visuals that we’ve seen so far promise that Alan Wake 2 will be as good as its ancestor. We are all hyped for it and can’t wait for Remedy to finally reveal the release date. But for now, reports suggest that it will be released in 2023.

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