New Sonic Frontiers Gameplay Leak Shows Cyloop Move in Action

Abdullah Waseem
Abdullah Waseem
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Sonic Frontiers

Since its announcement Sonic Frontiers has really been a topic of excitement. SEGA claim they’ve added brand new elements to the game that have never been seen before in the franchise. For the first time, Sonic will be open-world fighting against his foes. Sonic will have new maneuvers and powers at his disposal, making him stronger than ever.

Sonic Frontier’s recent trailers gave us an insight into the game’s mechanics and setting. The game has also been prone to a lot of gameplay leaks. We already know that for the first time, the game will include a skill tree. And one of the most exciting abilities including in it is the Cyloop move.

Sonic Frontiers Cyloop Move

With his brand-new skill, Cyloop, Sonic can now run in a circle while leaving a blue energy track behind him. When the circle of blue energy is closed, he will unleash a force that can either hit several foes at once, pierce opponent armor, or chip away at large portions of bosses.

The move can be seen in action courtesy of the following video:

Some of the implementations of Cyloop have been shown in the video. Interestingly, different cyloop patterns earn you different rewards. A memory token by drawing a heart, an unlimited boost through an infinite sign, and coins through a circle are some of the examples shown above. There could also be other skills through this move which we will get to see when the game launches.

More New Elements of the Game

The skill tree as stated above is a new concept for the franchise. The skill tree will help progress Sonic into his strongest version. While unlocking abilities was in previous entries skill tree is certainly new. The skill tree has 11 different unlockable skills out of which 3 are unlocked by progressing through the story. This will really help SEGA as they want to establish this title as the main title for a lot of years.

‘Auto-combos’ is another skill-tree ability just like Cyloop. This skill will automatically activate combat skills when you reach a certain combo. This will certainly help people who don’t want tough gameplay. For those of you who grind out there, you can deactivate the skill.

The first Sonic Frontiers trailer was certainly underwhelming as it looked more like a homemade project. But SEGA improved with the new trailers and the game is shaping up to be the biggest Sonic game yet.

It will be out on November 8, 2022, and available on the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and Series S, and Microsoft Windows.

What are your expectations of Sonic Frontiers? Let us know in the comments down below.

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