Open-World AAA Dune Teased: Trailer Coming Soon?

Abdullah Waseem
Abdullah Waseem
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The dune franchise is undoubtedly one of the biggest movies ever based on a novel. It was first adapted into a movie in 1984 with a reboot last year. Before that, an open-world AAA game based on the land of spice was also announced the year before the movie came out.

Funcom, a Norwegian studio is behind the game. They have also developed the sandbox game, Dune: Spice Wars. Also, With the likes of great games like the Conan series under its belt, Funcom has a good track record of developing games that the fans love.

Although Funcom has been relatively quiet about the game, they revealed a couple of artworks but there has been no trailer nor an official release date for the game. However, a famous leaker, The Snitch, in a Tweet today has dropped a cryptic message.

The Tweet shows a picture of desert land with a person dressed in black with 2 moons in the back which is very reminiscent of the Dune world. Earlier this year we got a brand new poster image for the new Dune movie that will release next year. And both of them look really similar.

With the Gamescom nearing, it could be that we will get our very first look at the Dune game. Though Funcom did release some artwork there has been no trailer so far. Gamescom 2022 is going to be an in-person event this year and there is no better time to drop a trailer right now.

Source: Funcom

Although The Snitch has a great track record, it should be noted that the leak must be taken with a grain of salt. Yes, the picture in the Tweet does look like Dune but it is entirely possible that the insider is leaking something entirely different.

So far the things known about the game is that it will be an open-world AAA survival game. It will be based on the Unreal Engine. Earlier reports suggested that it will use UE4 but the latest reports suggest that the main platform will be Unreal Engine 5.

We really hope that Funcom reveals a trailer of the game at Gamescom or in a separate showcase at the earliest along with a probable release date. As things stand, if the game is indeed based on Unreal Engine 5, the visuals are going to be stunning.

Are you guys excited to know more about the Dune survival game? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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