PAYDAY 3 to Launch in 2023, Official Logo Revealed

PAYDAY 3 to release in 2023, pre-alpha footage and official logo revealed

Abdullah Waseem
Abdullah Waseem
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PAYDAY 3 artwork
  • PAYDAY 3 to release in 2023
  • Pre-alpha footage shown
  • Official logo revealed

PAYDAY 3 is a much-anticipated sequel to PAYDAY 2 that came out almost a decade ago in 2013. So, naturally, fans have been really excited about the sequel since the announcement. Starbreeze Studios announced that the game will target a 2022-2023 launch and seems like they’re delivering their promise as 2023 has been officially announced as the year PAYDAY 3 launches.

PAYDAY 3 Release

Starbreeze Studios recently dropped a pre-alpha footage of the game revealing the official logo for the game. It was also announced that PAYDAY 3 will finally release in 2023, though no solid release date has been given. It’s really good news as we have seen games getting delayed a lot recently but PAYDAY will meet its given time.

The pre-alpha footage also gives us a glimpse into the world of PAYDAY 3 along with the original returning characters. However, the footage is subject to change as it’s just in the pre-alpha stage right now.

What We Know So Far

The developers did reveal some information about the game last year but we still don’t have a gameplay video. It is being developed in Unreal Engine although it isn’t clear if it’s UE4 or UE5. PAYDAY 2 was developed using the Diesel engine, so the shift is really noticeable here.

According to the Steam page:

Step out of retirement back into the life of crime in the shoes of the Payday Gang, the envy of their peers and the nightmare of law-enforcement wherever they go. Several years after the crew’s reign of terror over Washington DC has ended, they assemble once again to deal with the threat that roused them out of early retirement.

PAYDAY 3 sees the return of the original gang members; Dallas, Hoxton, Chains, and Wolf. The new title will take place in The Big Apple: New York City as the gang has moved on from Washington DC. It takes place several years after PAYDAY 2. The game has transitioned into the digital age, with software giants, cryptocurrencies, mass surveillance, and the Dark Web all involved.

Are you guys excited about PAYDAY 3? Let us know your thoughts in the comments down below.

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