Playground Games’ New Fable Is Reportedly in A Playable State Now

Playground Games' Producer Silenty Updates That Fable is Now in A Playable State

Abdullah Waseem
Abdullah Waseem
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  • New Fable is now playable
  • The game has faced problems with development
  • No official updates yet

Fable is a name most Xbox fans are familiar with. With the game attracting a lot of fans and positive reviews when it came, a new version of the IP was always in demand. Microsoft, in 2020, finally revealed that they are working on a new Fable. Despite the announcement, Microsoft’s lack of news on the topic has been concerning for the fans. However, Playground Games’ producer has quietly dropped a new update on the game’s development.

Fable Could be Coming Earlier Than We Thought

Vijay Gill, producer at Playground Games for Fable recently updated their Linkedin profile (via Twisted Voxel). The update claims that Gill is ‘Preparing and facilitating regular game playthroughs and build reviews with key stakeholders.‘ This hints that Fable has finally reached a playable state.

Screenshot from the new Fable teaser

The state of the game has been a big question mark for a very long time. Although Microsoft showed great enthusiasm at the title’s announcement, that was quite short-lasting. There have been many reports of problems going on with the development. It was also reported that Fable faced an internal reboot to switch to Unreal Engine which turned out to be false. The game uses Playground Games’ in-house engine used for Forza Horizon which has been quite reliable.

Unfortunately, Gill’s Linkedin doesn’t reveal anything more. Also, the game being in a playable state doesn’t necessarily guarantee that the release is soon. However, the new development will be quite comforting for the fans who were worried about it. You can read more about the new Fable here.

What do you make of this latest news on Fable? Let us know your thoughts in the comments down below.

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