PlayStation 5 Adds Discord Voice Integration

Abdullah Waseem
Abdullah Waseem
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Discord voice integration on PlayStation 5 is something fans have been asking for quite some time. The feature is already present on Xbox Series X|S and has also arrived on the PS5. It essentially adds convenience as you don’t have to create PS Party to talk to friends on Discord and join directly on your console.

PS5 Discord Voice Integration

You usually make a PS Party, but you can skip that and just have your discord call continue on PlayStation 5 through the integration. A user on Reddit posted some pictures of the app in action and we can see that it enables the option to join voice on PS.

Steps to add Discord voice integration for PS5
PS5 Discord Voice Integration
Steps to add Discord voice integration for PS5
Voice chat will only come to the PS5, not the PS4.
Steps to add Discord voice integration for PS5Steps to add Discord voice integration for PS5
The ability to join a PS5 Discord chat shown off

We can see in the screenshots that Discord is bringing the party chat feature to PS5. This will allow you to seamlessly carry over your Discord calls from your computer/mobile to your PS5 without any problem and continue your conversation with friends. The integration will not be on PS4. This is understandable as the PS4 struggles with multitasking.

The screenshots also showcase the method to add the integration through the Discord mobile app. You simply need to follow these steps inside the app; Sign in with your PlayStation account. Connect it with your PlayStation 5 and simply join the voice chat and you’re ready to go.

This new feature will not replace the native voice chat functionality of the PlayStation. Through the integration, players can turn off the in-game chat and use Discord channels to streamline voice chat communication.

The feature is already live for Xbox Series users and works like a charm there, it is good to see the PS5 also getting this feature and it is something fans have been waiting for. The ease of Discord integration is something you need to experience in person to appreciate it. Now you can skip creating a ‘PS Party’ on your PlayStation and simply move the call over to your PS5.

We’ll have to see how well the integration works on the PlayStation 5. The feature integrates really smoothly on the Xbox and we hope the same is the case with PS5.

What are your opinions on PlayStation 5 Discord voice integration? Were you waiting for the feature? Let us know in the comments down below.

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  • Honestly, I look forward to discord servers being fully brought into the PS OS. It would create a wonderful replacement for the community feature that they got rid of. It’s so much harder now to find a group of people to play with on new games since that was removed.

  • Excited about this but I’m still not applauding Sony because this was suppose to have been delivered to us in Q1, and never once did they ever mention why it was taking so long. They suck at corporate to player communications.

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