PlayStation 5 New Revised Units Already Launched in Australia

Abdullah Waseem
Abdullah Waseem
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Sony PlayStation 5

PlayStation 5 was originally launched in November 2020. Since then we’ve had just one refresh of the original console. The refresh came in the form of stripped weight. While at launch the PlayStation 5 weighed 4.5Kg for disc and 3.9Kg for digital, the 2021 revision saw the weight reduced by 300g from each console.

The major difference in the refresh happened due to a differently designed heatsink. There was also a minor difference in the base of the PS5 as the base screw was replaced by a thumb screw. But now we finally have a 2022 revised version of PS5 (CFI-1200) and it seems like Australia already has a hold of a few units.

2022 ps5
PS5 2022 Refresh

Differences Between The Refresh and Older Versions

An Australian site, Press Start has posted a few pictures from the people who already have the latest PlayStation 5 models. While the refreshed consoles were supposed to launch in September, Australians already have them and have spotted the major difference.

The major difference seems to have come in the form of weight according to on-paper specifications. The weight has been further cut off on both digital and disc editions by 200g and 300g respectively.

Sony PS5 Disc
Sony PS5 Disc (Revised)
ps5 digital refresh
Sony PS5 Digital (Revised)

PlayStation 5 Digital Edition Weight Difference:

CFI-1000B (2020 Launch): 3.9Kg

CFI-1100B (2021 Refresh): 3.6Kg

CFI-1200B (2022 Refresh): 3.4Kg

PlayStation 5 Disc Edition Weight Difference:

CFI-1000A (2020 Launch): 4.5Kg

CFI-1100A (2021 Refresh): 4.2Kg

CFI-1200A (2022 Refresh): 3.9Kg

According to the new information, the disc edition of the PS5 now weighs what the original PS5 digital weighed. We have seen sony cut almost 500g and 600g off both the digital and disc edition since they launched.

Other Changes in The 2022 Refresh

There were rumors that Sony could be moving to AMD’s latest 6nm process for the brand new chips but currently according to the specs sheet, it seems like that isn’t the case. The console hasn’t been opened yet so we can’t really comment on what major changes have happened on the inside.

One thing for sure is that Sony has changed the internals to make them lighter. The newer heatsink design for the 2021 refresh did implement better thermals but the console has generally struggled with temperatures.

We are hoping for Sony to make all the necessary improvements, especially now that have increased the prices of PlayStation 5 in various markets throughout the world. Availability has also been questionable but Sony has stated that they are working to make it better.

Do you expect the refreshed PS5 to be better than the previous versions? Let us know in the comments down below.

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