PlayStation 5 Pro Details Leaked

PlayStation 5 Pro Could be Arriving in November Next Year

Abdullah Waseem
Abdullah Waseem
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Sony PlayStation 5
  • PS5 Pro Details Leaked
  • Could release November 2024
  • Focuses on improved performance and visuals

PlayStation 5 Pro and Slim have been making headlines ever since the rumors started emerging. While we didn’t have information on either, a new report has emerged revealing the details and release date for the Pro version of the console. And according to the leak, it is slated for a 2024 release.

PlayStation 5 Pro Targeting a Q4 2024 Release

According to Insider Gaming, PlayStation 5 Pro is set to release in November 2024, which makes it more than a year from now. The PS4 Pro came 3 years after the base model and it seems Sony is taking its sweet time with this one.

In addition, several specifications of the Pro console have also emerged. For one the console is being called the ‘Project Trinity’. Moreover, the demo units have already been built and they are being tested for any flaws and improvements. As for game developers, studios will get the dev kits by November 2023.

A concept of what the PS5 Pro could look like

And as we saw from the PS4 Pro, the PS5 Pro focuses largely on improving the console’s power. Improved FPS has been set as the number 1 priority and more stable performance at 4K, along with accelerated ray tracing. 8K gaming is another focus for the PS5 Pro.

The leaker has also claimed that PS5 Pro would be Sony’s last major hardware before the PlayStation 6. Does that mean the rumored PS5 Slim comes before the pro or it doesn’t come at all? That can not be said right now.

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