PlayStation 5 Pro is 100% in Development, Insider Claims

PlayStation 5 Pro Dev Kits Could be Rolling Out As Soon As this Year

Abdullah Waseem
Abdullah Waseem
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  • PS5 pro in development
  • Dev kits could rollout this year
  • A tentative Q4 2024 date suggested

A couple of months ago in March, a report came out stating that PlayStation 5 Pro is reportedly in development. The news came after various rumors that Sony is indeed working on a pro variant for its latest PS iteration. It also lined up well as PS4 Pro also came out 3-4 years after the original’s release. However, the report was negated as false by many other sources.

PlayStation 5 Pro Dev Could Start Rolling Out as Soon as 2023

Insider Gaming has once again claimed that their previous news was correct and that PlayStation 5 Pro is indeed a 100% in development. However, they also state that it could be canceled at any time. Moreover, it is also claimed that the dev kits for 1st party developers would start rolling out in the next couple of months. While for the 3rd party developers, the kits would be sent at the end of this year.

PlayStation 5 Pro Concept Art
PlayStation 5 Pro Concept Art

The source also claims that the PlayStation 5 Pro could launch to the general public as soon as Q4 2024. As for what specifications the PS5 will offer is currently unknown. If we take an educated guess, The PS5 would boast performance, and visual improvements, especially at 4K with raytracing. But for now, everything is just a rumor. Sony is yet to announce anything so far, so now it’s better to wait for an official announcement.

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