Playstation London Studio Is Working On A New Fantasy-Based Live Service Game

Samam Hasan
Samam Hasan
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Playstation London Studio

According to multiple job postings on their website, Playstation London Studio is apparently working on a new fantasy live service game. The London Studio has been looking for candidates for various positions including Narrative Lead, Senior Gameplay Animator, and Lead Character Artist.

Playstation London Studio’s New Game: What We Know So Far

A lot of important details can be found by going through the job descriptions on the website. Firstly, the description for the Narrative Lead states that they ”will be directly responsible for working with Writers to build a world lore and story bible which allows the team to build fabulous characters and incredible environments for the game to play out in.” Adding to that, the listing also mentions the ”Development of an intriguing backstory and world lore which sets up years of ongoing story.” in the scope of work section. Moreover, the experience section also mentioned experience with magic-based games and fantasy world-building but since has been removed.

With the details from the job description, we can see that London Studio is aiming toward a live service game. The game might have a live service in the style of Destiny 2 and Elder Scrolls Online. Moreover, the studio has been hinting about its new IP for quite some time. In an interview published on their website, Tara Sanders, the co-studio head of Playstation London says, ”Our next project has HUGE potential and we want to leverage that to the max by empowering the team to thrive and deliver a top quality game!”. The studio had previously worked on the well-received PS VR game, Blood & Truth.

Blood and Truth by Playstation London Studio

Sony’s Live Service Ambitions

It’s no wonder that Sony is trying to break into the live service arena in recent years. The acquisition of Destiny 2 developer Bungie was a huge move. In addition to that, Gran Turismo 7 is also now a fully functioning live service game. Furthermore, in the 2021 earnings call, the company has said they have 10 live service games in the works. They plan to release all of them by March 2026. We can be sure that the one being developed by London Studio will be one of them.

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