PlayStation Showcase Reportedly Set in ‘The Week of May 25’

PlayStation Showcase Could Happen Either at the End of this Month or the Start of June

Abdullah Waseem
Abdullah Waseem
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  • PlayStation showcase date possibly revealed
  • Could happen in 'the week of May 25'
  • Official announcement could be coming soon

The coming months are certainly really exciting for video game fans. Jeff Grubb previously revealed that the PlayStation showcase will happen before the Summer Game Fest, and according to a new update, the date might have been confirmed. Grubb, updating his previous list has revealed that the showcase could happen in the week of May 25.

PlayStation Showcase is Happening Soon

Grubb revealed that the date currently set for the PlayStation showcase is in the week of May 25. However, no exact date is confirmed because the event could take place before that date too. Another well-known PlayStation reporter, Zuby Tech has also heard that the showcase could happen either on May 25 or June 1st. The official announcement could be coming soon too.

The PlayStation Showcase was highly sought after by the fans as Sony has a bunch of stuff coming our way. Of course, the most prominent thing the fans will be after will be Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 gameplay. Later in June, Xbox is set to talk more about its heavy hitter for the year. So naturally PlayStation showcasing their biggest title of the year would make a lot of sense. Plus, the title is scheduled to release in Fall 2023, so it’s about time too.

There’s also Death Stranding 2 in development. Moreover, The Last of Us Multiplayer is certainly something we’d like an update on. There is also new rumored PlayStation hardware that could make an appearance at the showcase. However, all this is pure speculation and we’ll get a better of what awaits us at the showcase possibly in a few weeks.

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