The Ultimate Guide for Primal Beast: The New Dota2 Hero

Arqam Cheema
Arqam Cheema
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Valve never sets back to amaze its community; dropping bombs has become their habit.

Recently after the completion of the Aghanim’s Labyrinth (Damn, I barely cleared the 4th level), the 7.31 update surprised the community with Primal Beast as a new Dota2 Hero.

Nobody could ever guess that the Labyrinth’s final beast will be joining us in the journey.

Whenever Valve launches a new hero, it comes with chaos because everybody wants to experiment with roles, skills, and builds.

How the Abilities of the Primal Beast Works?

After multiple experimentations and watching numerous streamers, it is evident that the Primal Beast is an Offlane hero, a strong initiator, and a damage dealer.

Here are the ability details that will help you dominate with the Primal Beast.

Onslaught (Q) – Active Ability:

This ability is similar to Mars’ God’s Rebuke but a lot more deadly and hard to use. On activation, the Primal Beast channels and charges to the targeted position, scattering the enemies and allies while dealing heavy damage.

Note: While charging, you can change the angle of the Primal beast with a right-click.

Trample (W) – Active Ability:

On activation, this ability disarms the Primal Beast as it starts to stomp the ground. Due to the small AOE, this ability is hard to use, but the damage is comparatively high.

Note: You can also knock down the trees, making it effective against Nature’s Prophet.

Uproar (E) – Active Ability:

This ability is a great counter against heavy hitters because, with every 35 damage received, The Primal Beast stacks the Uproar. On activation, it slows the nearby enemies in a wide range and grants The Primal Beast heavy bonus damage and armor.

Pulverize (R) – Activate Ability:

Umm, a heavy damaging ability, but the sad part is that you can only target one hero at a time. This fact stops this hero from becoming an absolute beast.

On activation, The Primal Beast grabs the targeted hero and slams it on the ground multiple times, dealing with AOE damage and disabling the enemy during the attack.

Best Build for the New Dota 2 Hero and Why?

primal beast looking at a creep

The hero item-build is entirely dependent on the circumstance of the game. However, we got you covered with a default built that will carry you out till the mid-game.

  1. Phase Boots
  2. Bracer/s
  3. Soul Ring
  4. Blink Dagger
  5. Sange & Yasha
  6. Black King Bar

1. Why Phase Boots?

Trample is a close-range AOE spell that requires high movement speed to stay near or a little bit ahead of the enemy to deal complete damage. Moreover, the Pulverize is also Movement speed-dependent as its grants passive damage and armor.

Hence, many pros are buying phase boots to play as an initiator.

2. Why Bracer/s?

The initiator always consumes most of the damage, which is why staying on the ground for long is essential. Thanks to the recent update, the bracer/s covers everything from strength to damage. Plus, after every 25 minutes, it doubles the bonuses.

Keeping one or two Bracer/s till the mid-game can be game-changing now.

3. Why Soul Ring?

All the spells of The Primal Beast require a good amount of mana. In the early and mid-game, you will lose more than half mana after using more than two spells.

This is why Soul Ring will act as an instant backup mana source.

Why Blink Dagger?

Trample, and Uproar is a great combination of spells; first, activate Uproar (scale up your damage and armor) and then activate Trample. It will annihilate the enemy, but they have to be in the range.

This is why the phase boots are not enough. After the early game, you will need more of a surprise attack, which can only be done with a blink dagger.

Why Sange & Yasha?

Sange & Yasha overall back our new Dota2 hero and turns its role into a tank and a heavy damage dealer.

There are other options available, but S&Y is the best default one.

Why Black King Bar?

Now, imagine getting all the above items, and when you initiate, you are stunned or disabled by an enemy. All your efforts went into the drain, so you will activate BKB upon initiation to utilize it.

Rest, the luxury items are dependent on the competitive environment and the enemy heroes. Activate your gaming mind, come up with a final build and enjoy a victory.


The new Dota2 hero, Primal Beast, is Valve’s great surprise for the Dota 2 community. This hero has mainly been played as an offlaner and an initiator.

All its abilities are active and deal heavy damage. As a new hero, many players are testing it’s built, but we have shared the best one so far.

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