Project 007 Plot Details Revealed

Project 007 Will Be An Origin James Bond Story

Abdullah Waseem
Abdullah Waseem
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  • Project 007 Plot details revealed
  • Will be an origin story
  • Will be his own character

IO Interactive has finally revealed a few plot details on their upcoming James Bond game. The studio recently revealed that they’d be taking a hiatus from developing the Hitman series, to focus more on the Project 007 IP. The game was announced about two years ago and only now are we getting a few first details for it.

Project 007 game cover
IO Interactive’s Project 007

Project 007 Will be A James Bond Origin Story

Talking to Eurogamer, IO co-owners revealed a few core details for Project 007. They talked about how they’ve been trying to find a mutual understanding of what James Bond is about. They further stated that the new IP will be an origin story for James Bond. They said:

And as we’ve talked about it, we’re doing an origin [story], because one thing, to show the trust they’ve instilled in us, is that we’re allowed to build a James Bond for the games [the audience], which I think is a profound homage to where our industry is and where the medium is, in the sense that yes, it’s time to have a James Bond character who was not a movie character but who’s comfortably just his own game character.

So not only will the new title be an origin story but will also build a James Bond entirely for the games that wouldn’t have any connection to the movies. The information is still scarce but at least we have something to get going. We know for a fact that the title is still quite a few years away according to the recent financial year report by IO Interactive.

What do you expect of IO’s Project 007 title? Let us know your thoughts in the comments down below.

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