Redfall: Devinder Backstory and Abilities Revealed

Devinder From Redfall is a Cryptid Hunter, Who Believes the Weird and Hidden are Real

Abdullah Waseem
Abdullah Waseem
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  • Devinder from Redfall gameplay revealed
  • Got stranded on the Island during his book promotion
  • Boasts own unique abilities

We are finally at the last playable character from Redfall. Devinder will join the rest of the three characters to complete the 4-character roster. Just like the rest of them, Devinder possesses his own unique abilities that make his survival possible in the vampire-inflicted city of Redfall. Following are the complete details for Devinder “Dev” Crousley.

Devinder From Redfall Loves to Documents Stuff (Eh, Especially His Vampire Encounters)

Devinder’s backstory differs a lot from the others which especially makes him a really interesting character. He spent most of his life proving to the world that supernatural things do exist. He published 2 books documenting his monster encounters, growing a fanbase for himself.

Devinder’s latest book’s promotion brought him to Redfall, where he found himself stranded on the vampire island. Following is the list of abilities that Devinder boasts courtesy of IGN:

  • Power 1: Throw a javelin into enemies or surfaces to create a lightning hazard that will zap nearby enemies.
  • Power 2: Toss out a translocation beacon you can teleport to by pressing the action button a second time. Allies can use the translocation terminal you leave behind to follow you.
  • Ultimate Ability: Blacklight – Use Devinder’s heavily-modified camera rig to create a powerful burst of UV light that petrifies vampires and staggers, human enemies.

Devinder is going to be the character of choice for those who want to get around Redfall easily. He’ll also be great for co-op as his style focuses more on team-based gameplay. Through the translocation ability, not only you but your partners can teleport wherever you want. Like Remi, Dev also doesn’t have any special-attained abilities, so you rely mostly on technology.

We also covered the rest of the characters namely Layla, Jacob, and Remi. Redfall comes out on May 2, 2023, on Xbox Series X|S, and PC.

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