Resident Evil 4 Remake Has Been Officially Announced

Samam Hasan
Samam Hasan
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Resident Evil 4 Remake

After numerous rumors and leaks, Capcom has finally made Resident Evil 4 Remake official. The game was officially announced during the recent Playstation State of Play with a reveal trailer. The trailer showed Leon Kennedy with modern graphics and an overview of how the plot of the game will play out.

Resident Evil 4 Remake: What We Know So Far

The Resident Evil 4 remake is no surprise since the second and third games also received the same treatment. Development of the game began in 2018 first led by M-Two, then by the Capcom Division 1, the mainline Resident Evil studio.

Regarding the original game, Edvin Edso, the promotional producer at Capcom says ”When it first came out, Resident Evil 4 revolutionized the Resident Evil franchise with its new game-style that combined action, shooting, and resource management elements, subsequently setting the standard for future Resident Evil titles.”

Resident Evil 4 Remake screenshot

About the remake, Edso says that the game is being developed to achieve state-of-the-art quality for a survival horror while preserving the essence of the original. He also says that in order to make it feel fresh and familiar they are ”reimaging the storyline, modernizing the graphics and updating the controls to a modern standard.” As such, we can expect slight alterations to the storyline and overall gameplay mechanics.

Resident Evil 4 received universal praise from both fans and critics when it came out in 2005. Later on, numerous games adopted the game’s third-person off-the-shoulder perspective. As of December 2021, almost 11.4 million copies of the game were sold. There have been remasters of the game but not a full-on remake till now. The PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC versions of the game will be out on March 24th, 2023.

What do you think of this news? Are you excited about the Resident Evil 4 remake? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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