Roblox Blox Fruits Codes: WORKING (January 2023)

Find the One Piece by using our codes in this guide!

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Umer Cheema
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Blox Fruits is a fun game that is heavily inspired by the famous anime, One Piece. In it, you have to choose between being a Pirate or a Marine. Regardless of your choice, you have to find powerful Blox Fruits that allow you to become stronger and find new powers.

This is where our Roblox Blox Fruits codes will come in handy! You can use these codes to earn free Beli – the main currency of the game. Plus, you can also get tons of XP, which allows you to level up swiftly and find more Blox Fruits. With that said, let’s dive right in and get started.

Working Codes

Here’s a complete list of all the working/expired Roblox Blox Fruits codes for your redeeming pleasure!

NOTE: The list below has been updated for January 2023 and will be continually updated daily throughout the month and year.

NOOB_REFUNDstat reset
TY_FOR_WATCHING 20 minutes of 2x experience
GAMER_ROBOT_1M1 Hour 30 Minutes of 2x experience
ADMINGIVEAWAY 20 minutes of 2x experience
GAMERROBOT_YT2x experience
EXP_5BIncreased experience
RESET_5BReset stats
kittgaming20 minutes of 2x XP
Sub2Fer9992x experience
Enyu_is_Pro2x experience
Magicbus 2x experience
JCWK2x experience
Starcodeheo 2x experience
Bluxxy 20 minutes of 2x experience
fudd10_v21 Beli
SUB2GAMERROBOT_EXP130 minutes of 2x experience
Sub2NoobMaster12315 minutes of 2x experience
Sub2UncleKizaru Stat refund
Sub2Daigrock 15 minutes of 2x experience
Axiore 20 minutes of 2x experience
TantaiGaming 15 minutes of 2x experience
StrawHatMaine 15 minutes of 2x experience
Sub2OfficialNoobie 20 minutes of 2x experience
Fudd10 $1
Bignews In-game title
TheGreatAce 20 minutes of 2x experience

Expired Codes

The reason we have mentioned the expired codes is so that you do not waste your time copy-pasting them in the game.

  • UPD16
  • UPD15
  • UPD14
  • ShutDownFix2
  • XmasExp
  • XmasReset
  • Update11
  • PointsReset
  • Update10
  • Control

How to Redeem Roblox Blox Fruits Codes

Once you have the working codes, you will want to redeem them in the game. Luckily, redeeming these codes is extremely easy in Blox Fruits. To redeem Roblox Blox Fruits codes, you need to:

Choose a side
  • Launch Blox Fruits.
  • Click the Twitter icon on the left of the screen.
Click on the Twitter bird icon
  • Enter the code and click ‘Try‘.

Keep in mind that you can only use a working code once. So, if you have already used a code, it will not work if you type it in again.

When are Roblox Blox Fruits Codes Released?

New Roblox Blox Fruits codes are released when an update comes out or the game hits a milestone. There is no specific schedule since milestones are achieved randomly and the updates aren’t out daily.

So, if you are following the developers, you will know when a new update comes out so that you can redeem your codes.

How To Get Blox Fruits Codes?

Official Twitter of Blox Fruits

Roblox Blox Fruits codes are posted on Blox Fruits’ official Twitter account or Discord server. You can visit their social pages to check out their game announcements and find new codes.

Some third-party sources also share workingBlox Fruits codes that are not posted on Blox Fruits’ official accounts. However, if sourcing out these codes from various platforms seems tiring to you, you can simply hop on to this regularly updated article for new links!

Why Aren’t Your Blox Fruits Codes Working?

There can be multiple reasons why your Blox Fruits codes aren’t working. The most common issue is if you are typing the code incorrectly. Even if you mistype a single thing in the code, it will not work. So, make sure that you type the exact code as written above or on the Blox Fruits socials.

Secondly, another reason for codes not working is if they are expired. You will get a prompt that tells you if a code is expired or not. Plus, if you are typing a code that you have already redeemed, it will not work. So, make sure that you type the code only once.

Can You Use These Codes in Other Games?

Unfortunately, these codes are only limited to Roblox Blox Fruits. Since they are meant for this game, they cannot be used in any other game.

All of the rewards that these codes offer are only for the Blox Fruits game and are not recognized by other games. However, you’ll be pleased to know that there we have working codes for other games as well such as the Roblox Noob Army, Race Clicker, and Wisteria.

What is Roblox Blox Fruits?

Roblox Blox Fruits Codes: WORKING (November 2022)

Blox Fruits is a One Piece inspired game that allows players to choose between a Marine and a Pirate. After choosing your side, you have to fight your way to becoming the greatest pirate/marine of all time. The Devil Fruits are called Blox Fruits in this game. Master your fruit and become stronger by completing various missions and eliminating other players.

You will have to find Blox Fruits spread across the map. Some are easy to find while others can take a lot of time and effort to locate. You can also buy Blox Fruits from the dealer or his cousin. In that case, you are going to be wanting as much Beli as you can get your hands on.


And there you have it, those are all the working and expired Roblox Blox Fruits codes. If you find a code that we haven’t listed in our guide, let us know in the comments below, and we will add it. Plus, we will be updating this list regularly, so make sure that you check it out from time to time so that you can get all the latest working codes before they expire.

In the meantime, check out our Coin Master links as well to gain tons of spins and coins in that game.

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