Rumbleverse has been Rated for The Nintendo Switch by Taiwan Board

The Taiwan Rating Board has rated Rumbleverse for Nintendo Switch, hinting at a port happening soon

Abdullah Waseem
Abdullah Waseem
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  • Rumbleverse rated for Switch
  • Could be ported to Switch soon
  • No official announcement as of yet

Rumbleverse until now has been available on the PlayStation, Xbox, and PC. The developers, Iron Galaxy mentioned at the launch that they had no intention to launch it on the Switch any time soon. The studio however is quite famous for porting games to other platforms especially the Switch with Diablo 3, and Overwatch being the best examples. Therefore a Switch port was never ruled out. And a new rating by a Taiwan Rating Board has hinted at Rumbleverse on the Nintendo Switch.

Rumbleverse for The Nintendo Switch

A Taiwan Ratings board recently rated Rumbleverse for the Nintendo Switch. While the developers haven’t stated anything about it, it seems the Switch port is indeed incoming.

Rumbleverse rated for the Nintendo Switch
Rumbleverse rated for the Nintendo Switch

Rumbleverse is a game that can fit perfectly with the Switch style of games. Plus the game is free-to-play so most of the money comes from cosmetics and other in-game purchases. Fortnite for Switch was received quite well, making us believe that Rumbleverse could be a success as well. Also, Rumbleverse is on Epic Games and you can link your Epic game account to the Switch.

About the Game

Rumbleverse is a free-to-play 40-player brawler-style battle royale game. It was developed by Iron Galaxy Studios and published by Epic Games. It came out in August 2022 and while it hasn’t enjoyed the same amount of success as Fortnite, it still has become a popular title among the fans of the genre.

You can create your own unique champion in Rumbleverse and fight off solo against 39 other players or as duos against 19 other teams. It also has a playground mode, in which players can practice combat and experience the world of Grapital City.

Rumbleverse for now isn’t available on the Nintendo Switch but you can cross-play among the consoles and PC. But the rating makes us believe that Epic Games might announce the port for Nintendo Switch quite soon. Till then stay tuned for further information.

Do you think Rumbleverse for the Nintendo Switch is on the cards? Let us know your thoughts in the comments down below.

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