RUMOR: Gears 6 in Full-Time Development Since 2022

Gears 6 Has Been In Full Development Since 2022, Insider Claims

Abdullah Waseem
Abdullah Waseem
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  • Gears 6 in full development
  • The full-speed development began last year
  • No official word yet

Rumors about the Gears of War 5 sequel, Gears 6 have been surfacing for the entire past year now. Though there hasn’t been an official confirmation old job listings suggested that work on the IP started in 2022. And now, according to a reliable industry insider Gears 6 has indeed been in the works since 2022.

Gears 6 In The Works Since Last Year

Famous insider Jeff Grubb in the latest Tweet has stated that full-throttle work on Gears 6 began in 2022. The statement came in response to a Twitter user asking about whether The Coalition is working on a smaller IP. Grubb replied that he found out about the new IP in 2021 and he isn’t sure about it now as The Coalition is working on Gears 6.

Gears 5 was one of the most successful Xbox titles so it was only natural for it to get a sequel. Also, Gears 5 ended at a cliffhanger which itself was a clue that there might be a sequel.

But for now, all we have is the word of the insider as there has been no official announcement. While Grubb is a very reliable insider it is better to take this news with a grain of salt and wait for an official word from Microsoft or The Coalition. According to the Tweet, the full development began a year ago and if that’s the case we might hear about it soon.

What are your thoughts on this news? Are you looking forward to Gears 6? Let us know in the comments down below.

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