RUMOR: Metroid Prime Remaster 2 Coming Soon

Metroid Prime 2 Remaster and Something Related to Zelda Probably Coming Out This Year

Abdullah Waseem
Abdullah Waseem
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  • Metroid Prime Remaster coming soon
  • Probably won't be a complete remaster
  • Something related to Zelda launching soon

Ever since Metroid Prime Remaster released, fans have been asking for a Metroid Prime 2 Remaster as well. Originally launched in 2004, it was a Game Cube title. Prominent industry insider Jeff Grubb revealed that remasters for both Metroid Prime 2 and 3 are in the works and it seems the second installment is coming really soon.

Metroid Prime 2 Remaster Coming Out Soonish

In the recent episode of Jeff Grubb’s Game Mess, Grubb revealed this new development.

He said:

Metroid Prime 2 Remaster is probably coming out realtively soonish, that is happening. Something not related to Tears of the Kingdom is also happening to Zelda this year, that’s what i was told.

So, not only Metroid Prime 2, but we are also getting something related to Zelda this year. Although that’s the entirety of information Grubb has so far. Additionally, Grubb also revealed earlier this year that the sequel isn’t getting the same treatment as the first remaster.

Metroid Prime Remaster received a major graphics overhaul, along with much-improved mechanics and UI. However, this reportedly won’t be the case for the next installment. While it might not receive a major overhaul, it’s still exciting to be finally able to access the sequel after almost 20 years.

But this for now is a rumor as nothing has been announced by the studios. But considering Grubb was the one who broke the news of Metroid Prime Remaster as well, this seems to be pretty legit.

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