RUMOR: Ori 3 is Currently in Development

Ori 3 is Currently in Development, It is Claimed

Abdullah Waseem
Abdullah Waseem
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  • Ori 3 in development
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  • Strictly a rumor for now

The critically acclaimed Ori series from Moon Studios got its last installment in 2020. Due to the series’s massive success, fans have always wondered about a possible sequel. While courtesy of a Reddit AMA in 2020, we found out there are plans for another Ori game, but that was it. We haven’t heard anything about it since then. However, a leaker has claimed that Ori 3 is currently in development.

Ori 3‘s Development Apparently On The Right Track

The Twitter user ‘Nash Weedle’, who previously leaked Metroid Dread in 2021 has claimed that Ori 3 is currently in development. Also, the leaker has asserted that the development is on the right track.

Ori’s third installment is in development, I still don’t have any information from the studio that is in charge of this new installment, but it seems that the development is on the right track.

Unfortunately, there is no other information on the title thus far. It would’ve been really nice if we at least knew when to expect a probable showcase, but we’ll have to be patient. Moreover, the development is apparently on the right track hinting that Moon Studios might at least reveal it soon.

For those of you who aren’t aware, Ori is a platform-adventure franchise by Moon Studios. Both the original Ori and the sequel received garnered massive praise from fans for their gameplay, compelling stories, and stunning visuals. The prospect of Ori 3 will certainly hype fans, but it’s better to consider this development a rumor for now until the developers make it official.

Are you excited about Ori 3? Are you a fan of the franchise? Let us know in the comments down below.

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