RUMOR: Rumbleverse is Shutting Down Soon

Rumbleverse Is Reportedly Shutting Down at the End of February 2023

Abdullah Waseem
Abdullah Waseem
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  • Rumbleverse is shutting down
  • Will last till February 2023
  • No official announcement yet

Rumbleverse is a free-to-play battle royale brawler game by developers Iron Galaxy launched on Epic Games in August 2022. Despite the unique style, the game hasn’t caught as much attention as the developers hoped. According to a new report not even a year after its launch, Rumbleverse is being shut down for good at the end of next month.

The End of Rumbleverse

Famous industry insider Tom Henderson has Tweeted that Rumbleverse will be shutting down at the end of February. Henderson has further stated that he reckons delistings on stores would be happening starting today. Which hints at an imminent official announcement coming soon.

At the time of launch, fans were really hyped for Rumbleverse and it had its share of popularity but the period was really brief. Yes, the game brought in a new take on the battle royale genre, but the market has become so dense, to stand out you have to do much more. It’s rather unfortunate that a game with so much potential has lost its ground this early.

Also, earlier this month Rumbleverse was rated for Nintendo Switch. With this new development, it seems the port has now been shelved. However, it should be noted that this is strictly a rumor for now. Epic Games or Iron Galaxy are yet to give an official statement on the matter. But if the delistings are indeed starting today we may have an announcement soon.

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