RUMOUR: Spotify Premium Coming to Xbox Gamepass Soon

Sarthak Khurana
Sarthak Khurana
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Aggiornamenti Lumia, who goes by @ALumia_Italia on Twitter, has suggested that Spotify Premium is coming to Xbox Gamepass soon. Normally, such whispers are just empty hollow rumours by Aggiornamenti Lumia has an impeccable track record with everything Microsoft. The leaker has been so far spot on with Microsoft’s hardware and software leaks.

Spotify Premium with Xbox Gamepass Ultimate sounds like a fabulous deal. The Gamepass Ultimate is already a great value for money subscription, offering Xbox Gold, EA Play and an extensive library of video games on Xbox and Windows PC. When you add a premium music streaming service to the mix, it’s just a cherry on top of the cake.

Let’s be honest here, Spotify’s ads are annoying as heck. I believe they’d be bearable if they were just promoting some new album or TV show, but 95% of the Spotify ads are simply about how annoying ads on Spotify’s free plan are and why you should upgrade to premium. So having an ad-free music experience while gaming is something I look forward to.

Furthermore, adding Spotify to Xbox Gamepass will also a variety to the mix. Since its inception, Xbox Gamepass has been targeted to dedicated gamers but with the addition of Spotify Premium on Xbox Gamepass Ultimate, Microsoft will be able to reel in more users who were on the fence about buying Xbox Gamepass.

The move to add Spotify Premium on Xbox Gamepass Ultimate may pave a path for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate to become the truly ultimate subscription service. In the future, we may also witness intergrations with TV streaming services such as Netflix or Hulu on Xbox Gamepass Ultimate.

Spotify Premium’s accessibility on Gamepass Ultimate is another question that Microsoft needs to tackle. Will subscribers be able to access Spotify Premium only on Xbox and Windows PC via Gamepass Ultimate or will the services also extend to mobile and other devices without Xbox Gamepass integration.

We eagerly look forward to Spotify Premium on Gamepass Ultimate. What about you?

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