Shindo Life Codes: WORKING (November 2022)

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Shindo Life
Source: Roblox Wiki

The nostalgia of the online gaming platform Roblox and the classic Japanese series Naruto come together in Shindo Life, a Roblox experience dedicated to Naruto enthusiasts. As we all know, spins are required to roll for Bloodlines to obtain different powers. However, completing daily missions and playing various game modes may not be enough to get your desired Bloodline. Luckily, there are Shindo Life codes for you to redeem for more free spins and other rewards!

Shindo Life’s developer RELL World regularly releases redemption codes to make your ninja adventures a breeze. We can see the newly released and expired Shindo Life codes on RELL Games’ official YouTube channel and Twitter account as well as the community-made Shindo Life Wiki. As of this moment, our count shows that there are over 300 codes released by RELL Games since Shindo Life’s release. Says a lot about how generous the developers are, right?

With that said, check out our updated list of working and expired Shindo Life codes to upgrade your character’s abilities! We’ve also put a short how-to if it’s your first time redeeming these codes!

What are Shindo Life Codes?

Shindo Life codes give valuable in-game materials such as spins, RELL Coins, Ryo, and experience points (EXP). They are commonly announced to celebrate Shindo Life’s milestones, YouTube Subscribers count, holidays, and regular game updates. The developers also release codes whenever they feel like it.

NOTE: The list below has been updated for November 2022 and will be continually updated throughout the month and year.

(NEW)Any code released less than a week ago
EXPShort for ‘Experience Points’

Working Codes

timeslowsdown!5,000 RELL Coins and 50 Spins
3y3sofakum4!3,000 RELL Coins and 30 Spins
g00dt1m3zW1llcome!200 Spins
y3zs1r!5,000 RELL Coins and 50 Spins
G00dvib3zOnly!3,000 RELL Coins, 30 Spins
beleave1t!5,000 RELL Coins, 50 Spins
17kRCboy!17,000 RELL Coins
HALLOW33N2022!20,000 RELL Coins, 200 Spins
doG00dToday!3,000 RELL Coins, 30 Spins
HALLOW33N3v3n7!20,000 RELL Coins, 200 Spins

Expired Codes

20kcoldRC!30,000 RELL Coins
RELLtuffm0ns!10,000 RELL Coins, 100 Spins
IndraAkum0n!10,000 RELL Coins, 100 Spins
IndraAkumon!47,928 RELL Coins
PuppetM0ns!70,000 RELL Coins
bicmanRELLm0n!50,000 RELL Coins
6hindoi5lif35!200 Spins
Alph1RELL!10,000 RELL Coins, 100 Spins
FizzAlphi!10,000 RELL Coins, 100 Spins
2ndYearSL2hyp3!60,000 RELL Coins
2ndYearSL2hype!100,000 RELL Coins, 500 spins
bigmanRELLman!5,000 RELL Coins, 50 spins
AprreciateDeLittletings!3,000 RELL Coins
MinakazeTentaci0n!50,000 RELL Coins
ss5Shindo55!5,000 RELL Coins, 90 Spins
rayK3r3d4!10,000 RELL Coins, 100 Spins
theRELLhasR3turn3d!4,000 RELL Coins, 40 Spins
Sw3LLhArdW0rk!3,000 RELL Coins, 30 Spins
shindorengo!200 Spins
R3LLhardW0rkd!3,000 RELL Coins, 30 Spins
G04thasR3turned!4,000 RELL Coins, 40 Spins
RELLhardWorkmyGuy!3,000 RELL Coins, 30 Spins
k1nGhasR3turned!4,000 RELL Coins, 40 Spins
Gr1nDinH4rd!3,000 RELL Coins, 30 Spins
onlyTeemWeelTeel!25 Spins and 2,500 RELL Coins
rahwomen!100 Spins and 10,000 RELL Coins
Ragnat!500 Spins and 100,000 RELL Coins
Ragnarr!500 Spins and 100,000 RELL Coins
Ragnaarr!200 Spins and 10,000 RELL Coins
muyHungerb0i!50 Spins and 50,000 RELL Coins
verryHungry!50 Spins and 50,000 RELL Coins
ShoyuBoyu!25 Spins and 3,500 RELL Coins
RamenShindai!99 Spins
RamenGuyShindai!30,000 RELLCoins
Shindotwo2!25 Spins and 2,500 RELL Coins
ShinobiKenobi!25 Spins and 2,500 RELL Coins
fansAppreciatioN!15,000 RELL Coins
c0434dE!50,000 RELL Coins
RyujiMomesHot!200 Spins
ShinobiLife3!50 Spins and 5,000 RELL Coins
RELLYrellcoins!500 Spins and 150,000 RELL Coins
onehunnet!100 Spins
ccH0w!100 Spins and 10,000 RELL Coins
zangAkma!50 Spins and 5,000 RELL Coins
BoruGaiden!50 Spins and 5,000 RELL Coins
BoruShiki!100 Spins and 10,000 RELLCoins
CCwh3Re!100 Spins and 10,000 RELL Coins
ZanAkumaNs!50 Spins and 5,000 RELL Coins
RELL123SeA!50 Spins and 15,000 RELL Coins
ZangetsuWu!100 Spins and 10,000 RELL Coins
RuneKoncho!100 Spins, 10,000 RELL Coins
VeryStrange!50 Spins, 5,000 RELL Coins
BeastTitan3!50 Spins, 5,000 RELL Coins
ApoLspirT!190,000 RELL Coins
GenThreeYesson!50 Spins, 5,000 RELL Coins
GenGen3Apol!100 Spins, 10,000 RELL Coins
ShUpDoodE!100 Spins, 10,000 RELL Coins
BiGGemups!50 Spins, 5,000 RELL Coins
RELLseesBEEs!25 Spins, 2,500 RELL Coins
j1NyErGAr!25 Spins, 2,500 RELL Coins
OACBlols!25 Spins, 2,500 RELL Coins
SPNarumaki!100 Spins, 10,000 RELL Coins
SixPathMakiboi!25 Spins, 2,500 RELL Coins
NewCCOrigin!25 Spins, 2,500 RELL Coins
G0DHPg0dLife!50 Spins, 5,000 RELL Coins
SanpieBanKai!25 Spins, 2,500 RELL Coins
VenGeance!100 spins, 10,000 RELL Coins
VenGeanc3!50 spins, 5,000 RELL Coins
BorumakE!25 spins, 2,500 RELL Coins
BigFELLArell!50 Spins, 5,000 RELL Coins
exclusiveGameModeS00N!25 spins, 2,500 RELL Coins
BigBenTenGokU!120 Spins, 12,000 RELL Coins
OGreNganGOKU!200 Spins
G00DHPg00dLife!60 Spins, 6,000 RELL Coins
SEnpieBenKai!30 Spins, 3,000 RELL Coins
renGOkuuu!120 Spins, 12,000 RELL Coins
rENgunK0!60 Spins, 6,000 RELL Coins
BigRenGokuMon!30 Spins, 3,000 RELL Coins
drMorbiusmon!200 Spins
TenGOkuuu!120 Spins, 12,000 RELL Coins
TENgunK0!60 Spins, 6,000 RELL Coins
BigTenGokuMon!30 Spins, 3,000 RELL Coins
akumaSinferno!120 Spins, 12,000 RELL Coins
tomspidermon!60 Spins, 6,000 RELL Coins
OlePonymon!120 Spins,12,000 RELL Coins
niceTwiceEXpd!Double EXP
penguins!60 Spins, 6,000 RELL Coins
Er3NYEaRgear!30 Spins, 3,000 RELL Coins
58xp!5 Million EXP
MorMor!120 Spins, 12,000 RELL Coins
NewBeginnings!200 Spins
RELL2020Year!80 Spins, 12,000 RELL Coins
RELLsup!120 Spins, 12,000 RELL Coins
2020isHERE!200 Spins
REELdivine!5,000 RELL Coins
moreechpee!5 Million EXP
2022isHERE!200 Spins
BeenSomeTimeBoi!6 Million Ryo
2YrsDev!100 Spins
Cowabunging!5,000 RELL Coins
FannyPacked!40 Spins
REELsantar!500 Spins, 90,000 RELL Coins
REELclaus!500 Spins
REELcookies!500 Spins
REELworked!100 Spins, 10,000 RELL Coins
REELlicks!200 Spins
BIGmonLEEKS!200 Spins
DEEBLEexPE!1 Hour Double EXP
Pray4Update!200 Spins
UpdateIsHERE!20,000 RELL Coins
BelieveOtMon!90 Spins
bigExperienceMon!1 Hour Double EXP
ToSleepMon!50 Spins, 5,000 RELL Coins
bossMonRELL!90 Spins
bigjobMON!30 Spins
leatChiken!200 Spins
giftFOEdayZ!5 Million EXP
bigthickcodeMON!90 Spins
JOeStar!30 Spins
chillenBuildenMon!30 Spins
howToSleepMon!50 Spins, 5,000 RELL Coins
berryCoolMon!30 Spins
deTingBigMon!50 Spins, 5,000 RELL Coins
halfChikenMon!90 Spins
fellaDeRELLa!30 Spins
RunningfromDeMon!200 Spins
BigRELLmonCode!50 Spins, 5,000 RELL Coins
checkmateMon!30 Spins
bigBeardMon!5 Million EXP
tingsMonTings!1 Hour Double EXP
useDeBrainMon!90 Spins
RELLniceCode70 Spins, 7,000 RELL Coins
CleanAnimsMON!30 Spins
PetdeDogMon!90 Spins
FiredUpMon!30 Spins
100OPDATESmon!90 Spins
BenkeiEkuman!90 Spins
FREExpMON!Bonus EXP / Double EXP
HardWokMon!90 Spins
FlippingWokMon!90 Spins
poopENhoopyEn!25 Spins, 2,000 RELL Coins
LetDeMonWok!90 Spins
BacktoWok!90 Spins
biggerShOOs!25 Spins
chadSanGiGA!Double EXP
DaBoatWEELfloat!5,000 RELL Coins
Source: Shindo Life Wiki

How to Redeem Shindo Life Codes

1. Open Shindo Life in Roblox.

Screenshot of Shindo Life Preview

2. Select Either Arrows to Go to ‘Edit.’

Screenshot of Shindo Life Main Interface

3. Press ‘Edit.’

Screenshot of Shindo Life on Edit Preview

4. Tap and Insert the Code Next to the YouTube Icon. No Need to Press Enter.

Screenshot of Shindo Life on Edit

Frequently Asked Questions

When Do Shindo Life Codes Expire?

The developers do not announce the expiration dates of Shindo Life codes. However, based on our observation, Shindo Life codes commonly expire after a week or so. Some codes are also exclusive to the specific updates only. Once a newer update is live, codes released during the previous updates cannot be used anymore.

How Often Are New Shindo Life Codes Released?

Shindo Life codes are frequently released by RELL Games. By that, we mean new codes are available weekly or at least a few times a month. Every Shindo Life update also comes with a few redemption codes to create hype among players.

How Many Times Can I Redeem Shindo Life Codes?

Based on our check, all Shindo Life codes are for one-time redemption only. Once you try to redeem the same active code again, the text box will display “Code Already Used.” You also don’t have to claim the code’s rewards separately as they will automatically reflect on your stats and inventory once confirmed.

What Should I Do If Shindo Life Codes Are Not Working On My Account?

Try to double-check if you have put unnecessary spaces before or after the code. Also, make sure that the code has an exclamation mark (!) at the end and that you have properly inserted the characters strictly based on the shown letter case. If the code is still not working, it may have expired already or have some technical issues. In the case of the latter, you can report it on Shindo Life Wiki’s official Discord server.

We hope you got all the things you need to claim these rewards from RELL Games’ Shindo Life codes. Be sure to check this article from time to time as it is regularly updated as soon as new codes are released by the developers.

As always, if you know other active or working Shindo Life codes that are not listed here, let us know by commenting below so we can share these freebies with everyone. Also, notify us of any inactive or expired code listed under ‘working’ here so other players wouldn’t have to waste time and effort copy-pasting them.

For more Roblox-related content, hop on our Roblox page to get some interesting game recommendations and handy technical guides!

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