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Sett, The Boss just came out on the latest Wild Rift Patch 3.0. Sett is a powerful engage champion that’s hard to kill once he gets on top of the enemy team. This champion likes to jump into the middle of a fight and stay alive as long as possible while soaking damage for his team. Play this champion confidently on Wild Rift with the help of our in-depth Sett Guide to give players an overview on how to play him.

Sett’s Item Builds

Sett is a powerful AD bruiser, and even though he plays like a tank, he doesn’t need to build total defensive items. Instead, Sett is more useful when building AD items that make him a threat once inside a fight.

Starting Item

Long Sword WR icon Long Sword Best starting item for AD solo laners

Core Items

Blade of the Ruined King icon Blade of the Ruined KingDeals bonus damage to enemies and provides bonus lifesteal
Black Cleaver WR icon Black CleaverShreds the enemy’s defenses and provides bonus movement speed
Steraks Gage Wild Rift icon Sterak’s GageA great defensive option that provides an emergency shield and tenacity.
Death's Dance WR icon Death’s DanceA powerful damage item that makes it difficult to burst down your champion.
Guardian Angel WR Icon Guardian AngelRevives the user for a portion of their health so that they can continue fighting.

Boots & Enchantment

Mercury Treads WR Icon Prevents the user from suffering the full effects of crowd control abilities. Hextech Rocketbelt Wild Rift icon Gives the user additional mobility to set up engages or pursue enemies.

Sett’s Runes & Summoner Spells

Sett likes to stay in a fight for a very long time while pounding enemies to the ground. Runes that increase his capabilities in extended fights are preferred over short-term bonuses.


Keystone Conqueror WR icon Conqueror
Domination Brutal WR icon Brutal
Resolve Hunter - Titan WR icon Hunter – Titan
Inspiration Sweet Tooth WR icon Sweet Tooth

Summoner Spells

Flash Flash WR icon Barrier Barrier WR icon

Sett’s Skill Order

  • Acquisition Order: E > Q > W
  • Order to Max: Q > W > E
  • Combo Order: E > 2x Auto > Q > 2x Auto > W

Sett’s Facebreaker is a great skill to start with since it provides a lot of damage early to clear the wave and harass the enemy, but Knuckle Down should be maxed out first for higher damage output.

Sett Guide – Overview

Now that we’ve covered the necessary builds for Sett, it’s time to learn the essential strategies needed to play him. Learn how to play this champion during the different phases of the game to have a higher success rate of utilizing him on your first try.

Laning Phase

Sett is an aggressive champion that likes to push the enemy back into his tower. Stand in the middle of the enemy champion and their minions to threaten them with your Facebreaker ability. Whenever they walk up to lane, hit them with your basic combo and stay in the fight as long as possible. Don’t be the first to run away.

Mid to Late Game

Continue playing in the side lanes, taking towers by yourself while occasionally roaming for a teamfight opportunity when your allies try to posture for one. Try to go to a side lane with the least number of enemies and use your speed to escape when enemies try to respond to your split-push threat. Sett is an extremely powerful split-pusher so use that to your advantage.


Use Sett’s Ultimate ability – The Show Stopper – to throw the nearest enemy champion, preferably the tank, towards the enemy team. Immediately follow it up by using Facebreaker on multiple enemies, then wreak havoc in the middle of the enemy team. Once your HP gets too low, use your Haymaker to deal the last tick of damage the enemy carries.

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