Sonic Frontiers New Update Brings Photo Mode, New Challenge Mode, and More

Sonic Frontiers New Update Will Add Photo Mode, Challenge Modes, and Jukebox

Abdullah Waseem
Abdullah Waseem
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  • Sonic Frontiers new update revealed
  • Adds a dedicated photo mode
  • Also adds new challenge modes and jukeox

Sonic Frontiers was an undeniable success. Today Sega revealed the first free DLC coming to the game titled ‘Sights, Sounds and Speed Update’. The Sonic Frontiers new update brings a lot of content including a much-requested photo mode. PlayStation Blogspot has detailed all the new stuff with the update that releases on March 22 at 5 pm PT / March 23 at 1 am CET.

Sonic Frontiers New Update Details

The three main highlights of the update include:

  • Photo Mode
  • New Challenges Mode
  • Jukebox

For those of you who wanted to share snippets of your game with friends and other gamers, Photo Mode is finally a part of Sonic Frontiers new update. You can simply go to the pause menu and select the mode from there. There are also 7 different visual effects that you can apply to your screenshots.

Sonic Frontiers Photo Mode in action
Sonic Frontiers Photo Mode in action

The Challenges Mode will be instantly available from the start menu for those who have completed the main story. The new Cyber Space Challenge is a time-attack mode where you’ll complete seven stages from each island while competing against the clock. There will also be a Battle Rush mode, where you’ll have to defeat many rounds of enemies as quickly as possible.

The Jukebox lets you play music from Sonic Frontiers and older Sonic titles throughout the Starfall Islands. There will be a total of 53 songs. 13 will be instantly unlocked while you’ll have to collect Sound Memories on different islands to unlock the remaining 40. You can read more about it on the PlayStation Blog.

There will be 2 more updates coming this year that will include new features, challenges, playable characters, and more. The Sonic Frontiers new update will be available completely free for all owners.

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