Sonic Frontiers Reportedly Getting a DLC Pack And a New Trailer

Abdullah Waseem
Abdullah Waseem
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Sonic Frontiers since its announcement has been a topic of debate among Sonic fans. Though it’s going to be the first Sonic game that takes the open-world approach, we have to admit the first gameplay trailer does look a bit rusty in its current state.

Amidst the constant debate surrounding the game, SEGA has claimed that the game indeed is very refined and you have to play it before being judgemental about it. Also, they have claimed that the game indeed will meet the 2022 release target.

Sonic Frontiers DLC

Although getting a DLC even before the actual release of the game is unusual, it seems that this indeed will be the case with Sonic Frontiers. It is not necessarily a bad thing as people will have more content in the game right at the release.

A listing on a Taiwan-based shop has shown some Sonic Frontiers merch. Two things specifically stand out in it. One is a rough image featuring major Sonic characters including Miles, Knuckles, and new characters that have been labeled with question marks.

But the most intriguing thing is the DLC included in the merch picture. There were already rumors that a DLC pack will be included with the game and it seems like this is our official confirmation of that.

Sonic game
Source: Shopee Taiwan

New Trailer

Earlier it was confirmed that Gamescom 2022 on August 23 will premiere a brand new trailer for Sonic Frontiers. However, it seems that the trailer has already been showcased in Japan.

A Twitter user known for leaking Sonic stuff has claimed that the trailer was played in the theatres just before the Sonic 2 movie starts. Sonic runs through the open-world island as a narration plays in the background.

Gamescom 2022 is just 4 days away. We will shortly see if the claim is correct and if this is indeed the trailer that is going to be showcased.

While the last trailer wasn’t what we really wanted we really hope SEGA has now made the much-anticipated changes to the gameplay. The Sonic booth at Gamecom is likely going to last for 5 days so we can expect a lot of gameplay details from people who actually test the game. And Gamescom doesn’t have the same restrictions Summer Game Fest has so we can expect quite a few new details.

Sonic Frontiers has been announced to launch in ‘Holidays 2022’. Earlier on SteamDB the release date was tipped to be 8 November. On the new merch page, the date is 15 November indicating that we can expect the game to drop somewhere in November.

What are your opinions on the Sonic Frontiers? Does the open-world format interest you despite the game looking a little unpolished? Let us know your thoughts.

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