Sony Planned to Make Starfield a PlayStation Exclusive Before Microsoft Acquired Bethesda

Starfield's Exclusivity Status Would've Been Very Different if Microsoft Hadn't Acquired Bethesda

Abdullah Waseem
Abdullah Waseem
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  • Sony wanted to make Starfield PS exclusive
  • A major reason Microsoft acquired Bethesda
  • Future Bethesda games could be Xbox exclusive as well

Console wars are one of the never-ending debates in the gaming industry. Xbox boss, Phil Spencer just appeared in court to determine the Activision Blizzard deal’s future and made some explosive confessions. The biggest is that before Microsoft acquired Bethesda, Sony wanted to make Starfield a PlayStation exclusive.

Starfield Could Have Been a PlayStation Exclusive

Starfield on PlayStation doesn’t even seem right, does it? But it actually could have been a reality. At the FTC hearing, Spencer revealed that a huge reason Microsoft acquired Bethesda was that Sony intended to make Starfield an exclusive for their own platform.

While there were no plans for acquisition, Bethesda would make Starfield exclusive as a third-party studio. And the Xbox boss stated that they just couldn’t let that happen. Talking further, also hinted at future Bethesda games being exclusive to Xbox as well:

Exclusivity is a general topic in the console business, so it’s a constant conversation

Xbox and Bethesda Games
Xbox and Bethesda Games

Starfield is going to be Microsoft’s biggest game of the year. At the recent Xbox Showcase, it had its own direct event, and the scope of the title seems huge. So, it is understandable that making Starfield a PS exclusive would’ve really hurt Xbox.

Sony on the other hand has had a bunch of great exclusives over the years. With Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 releasing as a PlayStation exclusive and Starfield as an Xbox exclusive, it makes a great rivalry, and we would love to see who comes out on top.

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