Sony PlayStation: Next in Line for A Gender Controversy?

Zubair Shahid
Zubair Shahid
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It seems like this year has not been good for video game companies. After the Activision/Blizzard lawsuits for alleged sexual harassment and gender discrimination, Sony PlayStation appears to be next in line. 

A former IT security analyst at Sony PlayStation, Emma Majo, has filed a lawsuit against the company for gender discrimination and wrongful termination for speaking up on the issue. Majo filed the lawsuit in a California court and seeks class-action status on behalf of other female employees that face discrimination at the company. 

What’s The Story?

Majo claims that she brought the issue of gender discrimination, unequal pay, and delayed promotion to the company. Soon afterward, she was terminated. On the other hand, the company maintains that it terminated her because the department she worked for no longer exists. Interestingly, Majo says she never worked for the said department, to begin with. 

Sony Sued For Overcharging Players "Billions"

Emma Majo goes further to claim that she held the same position at the company for six years. Even after asking for a promotion frequently, she didn’t get one. She alleges that there is a bias against women when it comes to promotion in the company. Moreover, she also singled out a male supervisor, security director Yuu Sugita. Blaming him for not speaking to the women with doors closed, and ignoring them completely if a man was present. 

More will become clear as the story unfolds. But there’s no doubt that, over the past few years, the gaming industry has seen a number of lawsuits. Videogame giants like Ubisoft, Riot, and most recently, Blizzard have come under fire for discriminatory practices, sexual harassment of women, and other gender-related controversies. Whether Sony PlayStation will face the same fate or not, time will tell.

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