Sony Reportedly Held Back PlayStation 5 Devkits for Microsoft and Minecraft

Sony held back PS5 devkits from Microsoft, Resulting in an Unoptimized Minecraft Version

Abdullah Waseem
Abdullah Waseem
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  • Sony held back PS5 devkits for Minecraft
  • Resulting in an unoptimized version on PS5
  • Minecraft Dungeons could've been an exclusive

At the FTC hearing, Phil Spencer claimed that Sony held the PlayStation 5 dev kits from Microsoft and Minecraft. So, for those of you wondering why the PS5 still doesn’t have an optimized version of Minecraft, this could be the reason.

Holding Back PlayStation 5 Dev Kits Took a Toll on Minecraft’s Performance

Console Wars are getting hotter and hotter with every passing day. In his hearing, the Xbox boss made some huge statements including PlayStation’s decision to hold back the PS5 dev kits from Microsoft. FTC raised the question as to why Minecraft doesn’t have an optimized version for PS5 to which Spencer stated:

Sony was reluctant to ship us PlayStation dev kits… it put us behind on our development for Minecraft on PS5. There is a version of Minecraft that runs on PS5, but this isn’t an optimized version it’s simply the PS4 version of the game. There isn’t an Xbox Series S / X optimized version of Minecraft, either.

Minecraft for Xbox and PlayStation
Minecraft for Xbox One and PlayStation 4

Furthermore, Microsoft considered making Minecraft dungeons an Xbox exclusive but later shipped it for the PlayStation as well. While formerly there were reports that Microsoft might lift Call of Duty from PlayStation, Spencer has sworn they won’t skip the PlayStation 5. Strong emphasis on ‘PlayStation 5’ here.

This news has come after Sony claimed they wouldn’t share PlayStation 6 information with Microsoft. Jim Ryan stated if the Activision deal goes through they’ll have no choice but to keep PS6 information from them as they’ll be the competitors then.

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