Star Wars: Jedi Survivor Tipped For March 2023 Release

Abdullah Waseem
Abdullah Waseem
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2019’s Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order was the game that reintroduced the world to a game based in the universe of Jedis and the Empire. It picked off the story almost 5 years after the execution of Order 66. Cal Kestis was the main protagonist who was a surviving Padawan during Order 66.

The game received great reviews from the fans as well as the critics. It has very positive reviews on Steam as well. The story, art style, mechanics, lightsaber movements, and environment all to this date feel exquisite.

Also, the end of Jedi Fallen Order seemed to be teasing a sequel so sooner or later we were going to get a sequel. The sequel was finally announced in May this year along with a teaser.

The trailer did not reveal an exact date for the game although it did reveal a 2023 release frame. Various rumors stated that the game would likely launch in March 2023 but there was no solid confirmation. Now, senior video game journalist Jeff Grubb in the latest has confirmed the month.

Grubb revealed that the book that is supposed to cover the time between Jedi Fallen Order and Jedi Survivor along with the game will drop in March 2023. Considering that this indeed is the release date the game is just about 6 months away.

More About The Game

Star Wars: Jedi Survivor will be set 5 years after the Jedi Fallen Order, so the same time frame as the recently released TV show Obi-Wan Kenobi. The game will continue with the Empire’s pursuit of total control over the world and Cal is one of the last surviving Jedis trying to waver them off.

The game will see Cal returning along with everyone’s favorite BD-1. The trailer also showcases a new character who seems to be in a recovery tank shown in many Star Wars shows and movies and seems to be the new antagonist.

We really hope EA reveals new details and a concrete release date soon as everyone is really anticipating the game and delays have been quite common recently. Also, if the game matches the same energy as its prequel or somehow gets even better there’s no doubt it’ll be a great hit.

Are you guys eager to know what becomes of Cal Kestis post Jedi Fallen Order? Let us know in the comments down below.

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