Starfield Developer Q&A Reveals Tons of New Information

You Can Buy Houses, Complete All Factions Independently, and Much More in Starfield

Abdullah Waseem
Abdullah Waseem
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  • Starfield New details revealed
  • Has a number of RPG elements
  • Out on Sept 6th

Starfield’s lead designers Will Shen and Emil Pagliarulo recently held a developer Q&A on Discord. The session has led to a whole lot of new information regarding Starfield, especially the gameplay. It focuses on how the world will work and even the morality system making it a true RPG.

Starfield New Information Detailed

Bethesda seems to have done great work at defining the RPG genre of Starfield. For one, you will be able to buy houses in the game. All major cities will have houses and you can either buy them or some will be rewards for completing certain quests.

The game has a proper system of governments with proper sets of rules. If you commit a crime, you can either go to jail or pay a fine. However, you can choose to simply skip jail time or the fine and try to escape and resist arrest.

Screenshot from Starfield trailer
Screenshot from Starfield trailer

Side characters have also been prioritized. There are over 20 named characters each with their own background story, history, prowess, and weaknesses. They will play essential parts in the main campaign. Out of 20, 4 are from Constellation and play a more prominent role.

Factions are an important part of Starfield. For those of you who can’t choose one faction, all of them can be completed independently. Illegal items also need to be smuggled and you have to play smart and hide them using ship modules to make it safely past security checks.

Starfield is now closer than ever with pre-load beginning soon. The titles releases on Xbox Series X|S and PC on September 6th, 2023.

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