Starfield Pre-Load Begins From August 9th

Starfield Pre-Load Kicks Off in 3 Days

Abdullah Waseem
Abdullah Waseem
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  • Starfield pre-load date revealed
  • Revealed via Amazon listing
  • Begins from August 9th

Starfield is exactly a month away at this point and the hype is real. Ahead of the launch, the Amazon listing for the title has revealed that Starfield pre-load begins on August 9th. This gives the players a good month of headstart so they can experience the game exactly the day it releases.

Starfield Pre-Load Date Revealed Via Amazon Listing

The official Amazon listing for Starfield lists that it can be pre-loaded from August 9th. That’s great for gamers who prefer to play their pre-ordered titles on day 1. It is also good news for players with slower internet connections so they can comfortably download it beforehand.

Amazon Listing revealing the Starfield pre-load date
Amazon Listing revealing the Starfield pre-load date

Moreover, according to the Steam listing and Xbox store, the title will be about 125 GB in size. That’s to be expected considering how huge the Starfield map is going to be. For the players that buy the premium edition of Starfield, they’ll also have 5 days of early access.

Starfield is going to be Microsoft’s biggest title of the year and they’re making sure everyone gets to experience it. We also recently found out that it’ll be an Xbox Play Anywhere title. so you’ll have cross-platform saves on all available platforms.

Starfield comes out on the Xbox Series X|S and PC on September 6th, and it will be a day 1 release on Game Pass. With a month left in the title, we can’t wait to explore the massive universe created by Bethesda.

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