Street Fighter 6 Gets a New Trailer and Battle Hub Mode at Capcom TGS Showcase

Abdullah Waseem
Abdullah Waseem
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The Street Fighter series dates back to the late ’80s. Capcom’s arcade fighting game set a benchmark for the genre. The last game in the series was Street Fighter 5 which came out in 2016. So it was about time we got a new entry. Capcom finally dropped an announcement trailer for Street Fighter 6 earlier this year with a 2023 release frame.

Today at Capcom’s Tokyo game show we got a new trailer with a more in-depth look into the game. The trailer showcases all the new game modes and characters arriving next year. The most significant emphasis has especially been put on a new Batlle Hub mode.

Battle Hub Mode for Street Fighter 6

The Battle Hub seems to be a pretty interesting idea and something we haven’t seen in the game before. Here is the brand new trailer for you that showcases the new mode:

To understand the Battle Hub mode you have to understand the context first using another new mode called World Tour. In the World tour, you will create your own Avatar (which has tons of customizations) and battle throughout the world to become the strongest fighter.

In Battle Hub, you will use the Avatar you created in the world tour to connect with other fighters. You can start a battle hub match by simply sitting at an arcade in the game. It is sort of like going to an arcade (Virtually).

Street fighter 6 new mode
Battle Hub in Street Fighter 6

There are customizations in the Battle Hub too. You can customize your character with different outfits and other cosmetic items in the shops. And the most fun part about this mode is you can even taste nostalgia and play older Street Fighter games. Some arcade machines will have older SF games so say you want to play Street Fighter 2, you can use one of the arcades to do so.

There will also be a Dj booth through which you can spice up the room. Also, there will be a photo spot that lets you take pictures to celebrate your victories. According to the game’s developer: ‘We are developing Battle Hub to be a place you’ll want to visit every day’. And if the game is developed as they promised we don’t see why not.

The closed beta test for Battle Hub will take place from Oct 7 to Oct 10. You can cross-play between PS5, Xbox Series X, and S and Steam. The full game will launch next year and will be available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X and Series S, and Microsoft Windows.

Are you excited about Street Fighter 6? What are your thoughts on Battle Hub? Let us know in the comments.

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