Techland Asks Feedback On Ideas For Potential Dying Light 3 Protagonist

The Series Director Recently Tweeted About The Potential New Entry.

Samam Hasan
Samam Hasan
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  • Dying Light 3 hasn't been announced yet
  • Dying Light 2 released in 2022
  • Gut Feeling update coming April 20

Techland has been asking for fan feedback regarding Dying Light 3, in case it happens. Series Director Tymon Smektała recently tweeted asking fans what type of protagonist they would like in Dying Light 3. They had put out a disclaimer that it wasn’t a Dying Light 3 announcement but more of a query in case the sequel does happen.

Discussion on this topic occurred while the developers were finalizing the details of the Gut Feeling update for Dying Light 2 that releases on April 20. As such, the series director asked fans of the series to help out in choosing the profession of the main character of a potential Dying Light 3.

The four choices were: Survivor, Nightrunner, Pilgrim or a GRE Agent turned good. After nearly six thousand votes, the GRE Agent took 42.8% of the vote. So, it seems that fans want to explore that as it can provide a much more complex storyline than the others. The GRE is one of the main antagonists in the Dying Light series so it would be interesting to play as someone from that organization. It could help in providing insight into the GRE’s activities during the entire Outbreak. It would also give a close look into how they operated.

Dying Light 3- Will It Happen?

Dying Light 3 isn’t confirmed by any means but, with this tweet, Techland is probably thinking of creating a sequel. Though, it might be quite a few years since Dying Light 2 was released just a year back. Not only that, there is a seven-year gap between the first two games. So, it might be a while before we even get a hint of the next entry. But, it is reassuring to fans of the series that it is being thought of.

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