Tekken 8 New Character Azucena Revealed

Don't Talk About A Drink Other Than Coffee in Front of Azucena

Abdullah Waseem
Abdullah Waseem
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  • Tekken 8 new character introduced
  • Azucena joins the roster
  • An MMA Master who is a master of dodging

As Tekken 8’s roster continues to grow, the latest addition is a brand-new character, Azucena. Tekken 8 recently had closed network testing that gave the gamers a good taste of what to expect from the title. The biggest difference is the much-improved art style and rage art animations.

Azucena is Heading to Tekken 8

Azucena seems to be a great fighter who many would like. Also, known as the ‘Coffee Queen’, she is from Peru and an MMA fighter. She joins the Iron Fist Tournament to promote her family’s coffee farm. You can watch the gameplay trailer below:

Her signature move is the Libertador, a pose that provokes the opponent. She shifts into a stance where she can no longer block but instead instinctively detects and dodges her opponent’s high and low attacks. Making it even more fun, whenever she KOs her opponents using her rage art an animation promoting her farm is shown.

Her skill set is very unique and quite exclusive to her. While most fighters focus on combat and power hits, she focuses more on dodges and then takes the opponents by surprise. Along with Azucena, we also have a new battle arena i.e. her coffee farm in Peru. You can read more about her here.

We also recently got a new gameplay trailer for a returning character, Raven. Now we have a majority of Tekken 8 character roster, the only thing left to be disclosed is the release date.

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