The Callisto Protocol Story DLC ‘Final Transmission’ Revealed

The Callisto Protocol DLC Comes out on June 27 on PlayStation, and June 29 on Other Platforms

Abdullah Waseem
Abdullah Waseem
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  • The Callisto Protocol DLC announced
  • 48 hours exclusivity for the PlayStation
  • Releases June 29 on all other platforms

The Callisto Protocol is getting its first story DLC called Final Transmission. There have been plenty of add-ons for the title including a Riot mode, a New Game Plus mode, additional weapons, and more. However, this is the first proper DLC that will add to the story.

The Callisto Protocol DLC Comes Out on June 29

The Callisto Protocol DLC was a long time coming and it will finally launch in June. For PlayStation users’ there’s a 48 hours early access so the launch happens on June 27. As for the rest of the platforms, it is set for June 29. You can check the teaser from the official Twitter announcement.

The Callisto Protocol DLC teaser screenshot
The Callisto Protocol DLC teaser screenshot

The teaser doesn’t reveal much about the DLC except for a robotic creature on the hunt. You’ll be back as Jacob Lee in the terrifying world once again facing the nightmarish setting. The DLC will serve as the final chapter for the title and it will tie the loose ends with the base storyline.

As for The Callisto Protocol, the game although received mixed reviews, was a solid title overall. In our review, we gave it a solid 8/10. Despite not meeting Krafton’s sales expectations, the title wasn’t as bad as depicted. It had some performance issues at launch, but that’s been improved now. The DLC could be a good redemption for the title.

What are your thoughts on The Callisto Protocol DLC ‘Final Transmission’? Let us know in the comments down below.

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