The Day Before: Release Date And Everything We Know So Far

Knock Knock, Who's there? Not The Day Before

John Carlo
John Carlo
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Credits to Fntastic

The Day Before is an open-world survival MMO by FNTASTIC. The game features the third-person mechanics and shooting style from The Division, plus the zombies roaming around, similar to The Last of Us 2. Will FNTASTIC release The Day Before on the PS4 or the PS5? What is the release date of The Day Before?

With all those questions in mind, let’s get into everything you should know about the game!

The Day Before Release Date

The Day Before: Player entering a large mall
Credits to Fntastic

The Day Before will Release on Match 1, 2023 – according to FNTASTIC, the studio behind The Day Before’s development.

FNTASTIC first announced The Day Before back on January 27, 2021. A gameplay trailer partnered with the game’s announcement, showing off the engine, mechanics, and other key features.

In October 2021, the developers announced the game’s release date as June 21, 2022. It even shows the release date on the Steam store; however, you can not pre-purchase the game yet; only add it to your wishlist.

Why Did The Day Before Get Delayed

While the fans were eager for the release of Steam’s most wish-listed game, they were hit with bad news on June 6, 2022. FNTASTIC released a statement that they are delaying the release of the game. The statement they released was as follows.

FNTASTIC's Statement
FNTASTIC’s Announcement

According to the Statement, both FNTASTIC and Mytona will be shifting their game from Unreal Engine 4 to the new and improved Unreal Engine 5, which is why they are delaying the game’s release to March 1, 2023. This drastic step was taken to ensure that the game delivers top-shelf graphics and experience that lives up to the hype that the game has created prior to its release.

Transferring from a new engine would most likely scrap everything that they have created to this day. However, in the case of Unreal Engine 4 to Unreal Engine 5, Unreal Engine developers mentioned that they would make everything as seamless as possible. Upon reading into the Unreal Engine 5 Migration Guide, it seems that it would still take a lot of work to port a seemingly finished game into Unreal Engine 5 and integrate some of the new technology that it has over Unreal Engine 4.

Is The Day Before Coming To PS4 or PS5?

We have good news and bad news for you. The good news is that The Day Before will be coming to the PS5 and the XBOX Series S and X; however, we don’t have any concrete evidence if the game will be on the last generation of consoles.

With the announcement of migrating to Unreal Engine 5 on June 6, 2022, it seems like a version of The Day Before for the previous generation of consoles would be out of their plans already. The PS4 and XBOX One X would most likely not be able to handle these upgrades, and we haven’t seen any games (except Fortnite) running on Unreal Engine 5 on either of those consoles.

There are no official statements regarding last-gen consoles. However, we’ll be updating this again whenever we get any news regarding it.

The Day Before Gameplay And Key Elements

The Day Before: Player within the area that looks like a representation of the New York Times Square
Credits to Fntastic

Based on the trailers that we have seen, the game is a mix and match of The Division with The Last Of Us. The third-person camera angle perfectly aligns with the style that The Division uses. The shooting style is reminiscent of The Last of Us; even the reticles are similar. Let’s dive deeper into the details of the gameplay.


Player in a safe hub
Credits to Fntastic

This information directly came from the IGN Developer’s interview. It seems like we’ll be seeing a “hub-like” base similar to Destiny 2 and Monster Hunter, where players can interact with one another. They can also join groups, talk to each other, and tackle quests together.

The developers have plans for various holiday events, which may come in the form of holiday-themed rewards such as clothes, weapon skins, etc. The base building will be resource-based, as we’ve seen in games like Fall Out 4 or State of Decay.

Sound Design Over HUD Indicators

Minimal HUD during gameplay of The Day Before
Credits to Fntastic

According to the developers themselves, they focused more on the sound design instead of cluttering the player’s screen with HUD information. This decision may lead to a much more immersive experience when exploring the world of The Day Before.

The immersive sound may also utilize the sound engine of the PS5, which is the Tempest 3D Audio Engine. We hope that the developers fully utilize this audio engine to deliver a much more satisfying feeling when playing the game.

While we’re talking about the PS5, check out some of the best accessories for your PS5!


From the get-go, the combat looks very simple. The combat centers around the standard third-person shooter that offers players the option to use cars and other objects as cover.

Upon seeing the finale of the gameplay trailer, we saw a brutal close-range shot to the head after the player knocked down the enemy. The developer mentioned that the game boasts multiple finishers or takedowns depending on the equipped weapon.

Another part of the combat system is that carrying too much equipment will cause your character to make more noise. We’ve seen the trailer segment where the player enters a building filled with passive zombies; it seems that this mechanic will impact these types of scenarios.

It’s also possible for players to meet up with other players in the world; however, it’s up to you if you want to blast or befriend them or even completely ignore each other.

We are also expecting that The Day Before will have a variety of enemies, all balanced in terms of difficulty to kill. Survival games like these tend to either make enemies really easy to kill or make it incredibly hard. Since the game has been delayed to make it “even more fantastic”, these are the kind of things we should see when the game finally comes out.

If you’re looking to spend some time getting into this genre of combat, then check out Why You Should Play The Last Of Us.


The developers uploaded a clip of how driving works in the game. The clip involves a truck driving through off-road terrain filled with mud. Based on another interview, the developers also mentioned that you may get stuck if your vehicle is not equipped with the proper power to plow through the mud.

Driving is more of a liability than a way to skip through sections of the world. You best be prepared when traversing the world!

Other Key Elements

There are so many elements to The Day Before, and it’s shaping up to be a realistic zombie survival MMO, one that fans have long hoped for since Day-Z became a thing.

Customizing weapons in The Day Before
Credits to Fntastic

Here are a few more key features of the game:

No Loading ScreensThe game will not include loading screens other than the initial one wherein you load into the game world. Traversing through the world will be seamless and natural overall.
Customizable WeaponsSimilar to how you can mix and match weapon attachments in Call of Duty games, you also have the option to customize your weapons based on your loots.
Human NPCs Outside of ColoniesOther than NPCs in the safe hub, you will also be able to meet NPCs that might possibly provide side quests and sell you items. We’ve already seen this mechanic in the zombie survival game, The State of Decay.
Possibly an Endgame DungeonDuring an interview, the developers said that the strange corridor at the end of a trailer is part of a large laboratory complex that will serve as a PvE battleground.
In-Game Voice CommsWe’ve seen in the trailer that the players are communicating through an integrated communications system similar to Discord.

The Day Before Beta

The developers have taken an interest in releasing an open beta for the game prior to the launch date. If we’re to consider their previously released game called Propnight, then we can expect the Open Beta for the Day Before a month prior to its release date.

Player walking towards their own house.
Credits to Fntastic

The expected open beta date would be early May or early June. We’ll keep this post updated if we have more information regarding this topic.

The Day Before is an ambitious game set to release for the PS5, XBOX Series, and PC. Currently, there’s no release date or interest for The Day Before on the PS4 or even the XBOX One consoles.

Is this a game that you’re looking forward to, or do you think it’s just a game full of false promises? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!

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    • I highly dought it would be simlar to the Division. THe Division was BS. They promised this open NYC world in the first one and gave us a small section that got very old. THen did it again in the second one.

  • Loving the trailers, but seeing as you can’t buy a PS5 for love or money us PS4 users will be left out? A cruel tease.

  • Can’t wait! If everything goes to plan The Day Before will be a lot like Red Dead 2 online with the multiplayer quests and detailed graphics. Although being exclusive to next generation consoles I’d expect the graphics and performance to be unlike anything we have seen so far.

    One key thing that a lot of survival games might get wrong is the difficulty of enemies in area (They are either: incredibly easy to kill which lets you mow them down and adds no progression difficulty; or they are super hard makes progression really hard). One game that has a good balance of enemy difficulty is Fallout 76.
    Another key thing is actually surviving (I mean food and water) and I just don’t think their is a good example out their to compare too.
    One final point that I think the game must have is variation is enemy and gun appearance. An example of good enemy appearance variation is rd2 with a large palette of human faces to use.

    If the game has all of the above I believe it will extremely good and popular

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