The House Of The Dead Remake Has Been Rated By ESRB For Stadia

Samam Hasan
Samam Hasan
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The House Of The Dead Remake

The House Of The Dead Remake has recently been rated by ESRB and also is coming to Stadia. That means it will come to the Google cloud platform along with the Nintendo Switch. So far, no other console version of the game has been rated. But we might see those versions sooner in the future.

The House Of The Dead Remake

The House of The Dead remake was announced last year at Nintendo’s Indie World Showcase and intended for release within a few months. Later on, it was delayed for Spring 2022. According to the ESRB rating, it seems that the release date might be true after all. The remake is being developed by MegaPixel Studios and published by Forever Entertainment.

The developers could not use the original assets from the 1996 game as such the game is essentially a new build. In addition to that, the Sega AM1 team behind the original game was not involved in production.

When it was released way back in 1996, the game received great reviews from fans and critics. After that, a bunch of sequels and spin-off games were released. The most recent HOTD game was House of the Dead Scarlett Dawn released in 2018 for arcades.

According to Forever Entertainment, the remake’s story will remain faithful to the original game and will feature modern voice acting. The two confirmed modes of the game are the Classic Mode and the Horde Mode.

Classic Mode will feature the original 1996 version with updated graphics. On the other hand, Horde Mode is a modernized version of that. It will feature much more zombies and other creatures. Players will also be able to unlock new characters in Horde Mode.

This is great news for fans of this beloved series who can relive this amazing game. While we don’t know whether it will release for PC, Playstation, or Xbox, the fact that it has been rated for Stadia might make this a reality.

What do you think of this news? Will you play the House Of The Dead remake when it will release? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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