Titanfall 2’s Playlist Quietly Gets Updated With A Mysterious New Mode

The Game Was Recently Patched To Fix Multiple Issues.

Samam Hasan
Samam Hasan
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  • The game received a recent update by Respawn
  • Update fixed various matchmaking and server issues
  • Apex Legends also hinting at something within the in-game universe

After recently receiving a patch to fix various in-game issues, Titanfall 2 has also received a mysterious new game mode in its playlist. The mode is titled as ‘???’, and it has the internet wondering what it could mean. Players are also trying to uncover what this means.

According to this Reddit post, the mode’s description is ”Your rockets will blot out the sun”. One user also properly describes the mode: it is essentially Pilot vs. Pilot, with faster movement speed and jump height. Players will also be limited to an EPG launcher, charge rifles, smart pistols, and a sword as a melee weapon.

Titanfall 2 Gets A Mysterious New Mode

With this new players are wondering what Respawn is actually doing with Titanfall 2 and whether the series will receive any revival in the future. Respawn’s other title, Apex Legends, which is also in the same universe as Titanfall, received an update with numbers hinting towards the Titanfall games in the patch notes.

Titanfall 2 fans are wondering whether Respawn will do anything with the game after the Apex Legends patch notes are revealed and the game itself is updated. With the new playlist mode added it may be possible that Respawn will start to support Titanfall 2 again. The game’s players have seemingly increased after the update with many hoping that it could be the start of the game’s revival. This also has them speculating that Titanfall 3 could be possible if Respawn decides to return to the series. Or, it may be simply a crossover event between two of its titles as they are in the same universe. This is speculative, but we will know more if Respawn decides to inform the community about future plans.

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