Tom Henderson’s Leaks a Drawing of the Battlefield 6 Trailer

Sarthak Khurana
Sarthak Khurana
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Tom Henderson, a trusted COD leaker, has leaked the Battlefield 6 trailer in the most bizarre way possible with a drawing.

Henderson said that he thought about making a whole flipbook of the Battlefield 6 trailer and dub over the audio, but even he agreed that was a step too far. Furthermore, he also confirmed that the shot he drew was the only first-person POV we’d get to see in the whole trailer, which possibly hints at the only gameplay shot from the cinematic trailer. In fact, the minimap on the left and the d-pad on the right is a clear hint that the shot is from a gameplay sequence.

This is going to be the last one because I don’t want to spoil everything – But this is the only 1st person POV we get to see and you’re hovering in a Jet. You can let your imagination run wild as to what happens next.” ~ Henderson via a Tweet

Although Henderson’s drawing of the Battlefield 6 trailer would’ve easily gotten him rejected from an esteemed art school in Austria, it’s good enough to make out some nitty details. You’re sitting in a jet, rapidly approaching a rocket launch site. From the looks of it, gun blazing seems inevitable. There are some odd 15 people on the base, and to add a cherry on the top, a tornado as big as the rocket is approaching the site from the opposite end.

It’s evident that Henderson has watched the complete Battlefield 6 trailer. Add the fact that EA is committed to dropping the game in the market during Holiday 2021, an official release does not seem far away. Jeff Grubb did note in a live stream that EA plans to reveal the game, and possibly the full Battlefield 6 trailer, during May, although things are still fluid.

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