Top 4 Best Perks In Cyberpunk 2077

Adrian Cruce
Adrian Cruce
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The RPG systems used in Cyberpunk 2077 are robust and can be overwhelming. However, you need to master them to have an edge. This means you have to understand and use the best perks in Cyberpunk 2077 to increase your abilities and make them more effective.

V uses 2 levelling up points:

  • Perk points
  • Attribute points

You can add attribute points to:

  • Intelligence
  • Cool
  • Technical Ability
  • Reflexes
  • Body

All of these offer open world options, like being able to unlock some doors and choose extra dialogues. Usually, the attribute points should be equally distributed.

With Perks, the system is more complicated. Attributes offer 2 or 3 Perk trees. You can use Perk points in the perk trees to unlock bonuses.

Best Perks In Cyberpunk 2077

The best perks are not accessible when you start playing. You start in the middle of the tree and then you branch out. Every Perk tree has to be leveled up before it can be completely used. For instance, you need to run to unlock the Athletics Perks.

When you level up the Perk tree, Perks become available. You can buy them with the Perk points.

Regardless of what build you choose, the 4 presented below are the best. However, we should highlight that for specialist builds, other Perks might be better.

Ghost Perk

With the Ghost Perk, it will take longer for the enemies to detect you. You also get to know when you are suspected with the appearance of an eye logo over the head of the character you need to worry about. Your cover is blown when the red logo fills up.

Stealth is particularly needed when you play on a higher difficulty. However, it is also very useful for any playstyle, including those that just want to blast everything.

Add some appropriate Cyberware and it is close to impossible to be detected. You can easily scope out an area and remove enemies one by one as opposed to all at once.

Frozen Precision

Every weapon type you use in Cyberpunk 2077 uses a Perk tree. As you play the game, you upgrade the loadout since you keep using better and better gear. It is risky to invest too much in one of the types.

Frozen Precision is the very best perk you can use for the generalist build since it applies to all firearms. Increased damage is done with every single headshot.

Also, Dead Center can be unlocked in Annihilation. This does the same thing as Frozen Precision but applies to the torso shots. Combine them for the best results but start with Frozen Precision.

Mech Looter

In Cyberpunk 2077, you have many drones and mechs to hack. If you play the side quests and you explore the game world, even more appear. The problem is the rewards for these hacks are not great. Mech Looter changes that.

The Mech Looter Perk gives you Weapon Attachments or Weapon Mods as you loot drones or mechs. This does not happen for every attempt but it is still more than worth it. Even if what you receive is not useful for you, the value is higher than with regular rewards.

Cardio Cure

Cardio Cure lets you regenerate health as you move. When you are in a tight spot, all you have to do is run and you will survive. The perk is very useful in numerous tough encounters so it is preferred by most players even if it means that encounters become more chaotic. Also, you might run into other opponents as you try to move to regain your health. Tie Cardio Cure with the Cyberpunk 2077 Perks that let you reload and shoot while you sprint.

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