Toys For Bob’s Tweet Hints at Spyro’s Return

The latest Tweet by Toys for Bob teases the return of Spyro

Abdullah Waseem
Abdullah Waseem
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  • Spyro could be returning
  • Could appear in Crash Team Rumble
  • Everything is speculation for now

The last mainline game in the Spyro series, not counting the Skylanders, came in the form of 2008’s Dawn of the Dragon. Although we did see the reignited trilogy in 2018, which remastered the classic PS1 trilogy, a new Spyro hasn’t been seen for about 14 years now. However, the latest Tweet from the developer’s Toys for Bob hints that our favorite little purple dragon could be returning soon.

Toys for Bob Tease the Return of Spyro

Toys for Bob Tweeted an image welcoming 2023 labeling it ‘Big moves and BIG MOOD for 2023’. The picture mostly features the developing team and other plans for 2023, but 2 games have also been featured.

At the bottom left corner, we can see Call of Duty’s Ghost and on the top left we see Spyro himself. Interestingly Spyro has been marked with a 25, as 2023 marks 25 years since the series made its debut in 1998. However, hiding Spyro in a corner like this has led to speculations that Toys for Bob is teasing something for 2023. And fans of the series have quite interesting takes on what that could be.

The Game Awards 2022 introduced us to Crash Team Rumble by Toys for Bob. The safest bet, for now, is to say that Spyro could be appearing in the multiplayer title as the developers are the same. There is also a Skylanders series that has been neglected by the developers for almost a decade now. The Legend of Spyro trilogy is also something that could be remastered, seeing as the original got the same treatment.

Could Spyro 4 be Coming?

Some fans have even speculated that this could be a nod to a new Spyro 4 game. Although it’s a long shot to think it’s a sequel to Spyro 3 if one is indeed planned 25th anniversary of the title is the perfect time to announce it. We did get a slight teaser for Spyro 4 a couple of years ago through the Crash Bandicoot 4 art book. However, Toys for Bob decided to stay quiet on that matter.

While the idea of our beloved adolescent dragon returning certainly excites us, everything, for now, is speculation. Spyro the Dragon launched in September 1998, so we still have a few months to go on the anniversary.

Do you think the return of Spyro is on the cards by Toys for Bob? Let us know in the comments section down below.

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