Troy Baker and Roger Clark Working With Fallen Leaf-Confirmed

Zubair Shahid
Zubair Shahid
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Troy Baker and Roger Clark

It turns out the unique angle we put on the Troy-Roger Collab was right all along! Yesterday a Polish article came to light claiming that the famous video game actors Troy Baker and Roger Clark are working with a Polish Studio Fallen Leaf. According to the article, they were working on a third-person game called Fort Solis, which revolves around the story of two heroes Jack and Jessica.

The story by the Polish article had some weight given that earlier Roger Clark made a mysterious Instagram post with Troy Baker in mocap gear. He did not reveal the secret project they were working on. The air was rife with speculation when the article came to light. Understandably, some fans were incredulous at the fact that how can such an unpopular studio afford big shots like Troy and Roger.

The Confirmation!

The speculations are now laid to rest as none other than Roger Clark himself has made a post on his Twitter, confirming the fact that he and Troy are indeed working with Fallen Leaf. The game is Fort Solis, as claimed by the Polish article. 

Fans and commentators are now even more curious since the news has been confirmed. Redditors are finding it really weird and still trying to get their heads around how a studio so far unheard of has scooped up Troy and Roger. The project seems to be big enough, and some are going so far as to say that it might turn out to be a AAA title. As per the article, the game seems to have the potential to be an exciting experience, seeing as it has elements of sci-fi and a theme that looks interesting enough.

Only time will tell what the game is about, and for that, all you gotta do is stay tuned with us. Let us know in the comments what you guys think about this exciting news?

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