Turtle Rock Studios is Working on a New Co-Op Survivor Shooter

Job Listing Hints at a New Co-Op Shooter by Turtle Rock Studios in Development

Abdullah Waseem
Abdullah Waseem
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  • New co-op game by Turtle Rock
  • A job listing suggests the news
  • No official confirmation

A new job listing has emerged that hints at a new title by Turtle Rock Studios. They are best known for their work on titles like Evolve, and Back 4 Blood. The new job listing for a senior combat designer suggests they are now working on a new co-op survivor shooter.

Turtle Rock’s New Job Listing Suggests a New FPS Game in the Making

Turtle Rock’s specialty has been this genre of games and it’s no surprise their next one is going to be a co-op survivor shooter as well. However, some points from the listing seem similar to their Back 4 Blood title. B4B did not perform according to the studio’s expectations so it’ll be weird if they make a sequel for that.

Back 4 Blood Screenshot

Then there’s their Evolve franchise. The original Evolve servers closed down this year but it was decently reviewed. So, this listing could be for a new Evolve as well. However, all this is speculation on our part. They could be working on a brand new IP as well. Therefore it’s better to wait for an official word.

Turtle Rock hasn’t confirmed any sequel for either Back 4 Blood or Evolve which could be another factor that this could be a new IP. But for now, let’s leave it on for speculation until something official is announced.

What are you think this new title from Turtle Rock could be? Let us know in the comments down below.

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